MAG Full Game Trial on December 21

"We’re extremely excited to announce that starting tomorrow, on December 21, MAG will be available in its entirety as a full game download on the PlayStation Store.

Priced identically to its boxed “Greatest Hits” counterpart, the downloadable version of MAG (4.7 GB) will run you a mere $29.99 and come complete with all the bells and whistles found in our patches up to v2.10."


To Clarify The PS Plus Trial, Zipper responds, "As long as you’re a PS Plus member, you can play the game at no charge, with a level 8 cap." Which means you can play MAG as long you have a membership but you dont level up after lvl 8.

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Pandamobile2864d ago

I would have played if it didn't require PS+...

Drekken2864d ago

MAG is the best online FPS experience of 2010. I stand firmly by this statement.

SCEA_RULES2864d ago

yes it is, no other game on any console offers 256 players in one game with out lag

Drekken2864d ago

Panda, as much as you have elaborated as to why it is not... no other online shooter this year pushes for such cooperation and teamwork. The level of customization and different build options you can choose as you level up make it a perfect candidate for best online shooter of the year.

No other shooter kept my attention for over 6 months this year. The rest are all cookies made from the same template.

-Alpha2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Well that's your opinion Drekken and you are entitled to it. Personally I enjoyed BC2 more.

As for this update: I don't see the point of downloading so many GBs for 1 hour of play. And with them capping you at level 8 I really hate the concept of these trials. For a game like MAG they should easily extend the playtime to like 2 hours in order for people to really get a feel for the game

I'll be putting my Dec 21's download towards LBP2's demo. Been waiting forever for that. If I had Move I would have bought EchoChrome 2

Pandamobile2864d ago


Agreed. BFBC2 was a much better overall shooter than MAG.

MAG's only claim to fame was its player count. Other than it was a pretty average game

Dramscus2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

It totally is. It's a sophisticated fps for people that like strategy and thinking in a game.

@alpha in the comments section on the sony site jeremy dunham says you can play as much as you want but are capped at level 8.

-Alpha2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )


MAG really did have a great structure for teamwork though. While the 256 players was the clear selling point I think Zipper did a good job ensuring the game was played properly. It could have gone so wrong.

It's something I wish more team games followed. I think it was a good game, just not my favorite this year. I have friends (Drekken himself) who have poured days into MAG. And I can see why.


I know, but you wont be able to unlock more stuff. And with MAG you tend to get owned by higher players because of their ability to buy more things. As you level up you get skill points to use towards making your classes... that's how it still works, right?

hesido2864d ago

plus users can play the game as much as they can without paying, their levels are capped. They can't get anymore generous than this, can they?

punisher992864d ago

Yeah I agree. The game is simply outstanding and very underrated. And this is comming from someone that doesn't like Call of duty games.

ThanatosDMC2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Well, it's an incentive to buy the game. But i suggest not buying it on PSN but rather gamestop or the like. Grimhammer someone from N4G and on my PSN friends list said he got a copy of MAG for $14.99. I have no idea where but check gamestop or used games bins. You might get lucky.

I should get back on MAG. Currently on Raven gonna join ONS clan when they start touring Raven.

Drekken is a SVER player. He hates it when his mortars explode and tries to repair them as much as he can. So lets go kill him. Add me on PSN if you're on Raven. Let's group up.

@ alpha
"Yep. As long as you’re a PS Plus member, you can play the game at no charge, with a level 8 cap." Yeah, looks like you can play as long as you have + but capped.

ThanatosDMC2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Dont listen to this guy. He's never played the game to matter. He's not on the magleaderboards. His PS3 has never touched the game.


Type people's PSN id on the upper right hand corner.

-Alpha2864d ago


That is not an official or accurate source. My name isn't on there and I played MAG.


Considering how much it takes to download, no, 1 hour isn't enough

ThanatosDMC2863d ago

Actually it's an accurate source. Go to MAG forums. Even the devs refer to it. I'm just not sure if it's theirs or not just like the Warhawk leaderboards.

If you played just the first beta, then you may not be on it.

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jack_burt0n2864d ago

"I would have played it"

You seem to talk like you already have!?

Balt 2864d ago


I'm in. I've been waiting for this to happen for so long now. I am all in on full game downloads for PS3.

Iamback2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

i will try it
EDIT:nevermind it's 4 ps+ users

CrzyFooL2864d ago

Would somebody please tell me is MAG is good!? Reviews are all over the effing place!!

Angels37852864d ago

Depends on what your preferences are. If you want to go all one man army, then DONT I repeat DON'T get MAG. The game REQUIRES teamwork. I have so many friends that tell me "You die to easily, it suxxxxx" the reality is they suck at the game and don't use teamwork.

Neckbear2864d ago

For a digital copy? When you can actually find a physical, new one for half of that?

Oh dear.

mushroomwig2864d ago

That's another thing I hate, I thought the whole point of companies going down the "digital" route was to SAVE money because they no longer have to go through the process of making the discs/cases/booklets, but instead they price them like this? Logically these games should be much cheaper, right?

MagicAccent2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

And yet they wonder why they can't counter the used games market.
It's insulting, quite frankly.

himdeel2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Yeah it was $14 at Gamestop not too long ago. If you got a pal to share the cost with it's cool because you can both download it off PSN.

EDIT: But being able to play up to level 8 cap for free as long as you have PS+ is cool. I'm downloading it to get in some quality time with Move control for a FPS.

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