Sexual Censorship and the Videogame Industry

Game Podunk Blogger DanCurtis writes, "This new topic - as you may have gleaned from this article's title - is discussing why the implementation of anything remotely sexual in a videogame is considered to be the utmost in vulgarity and is immediately ripped to shreds by the media in a frenzy of rabid-mouth-foaming vengeance..."

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Arup022917d ago

So a game can have people killing each other, but no sex? Come on.

bananlol2917d ago

Indeed, sex increases the human population while killings decreases it...wait, i smell a alien conspiracy!

jimineyscrickets2917d ago

Excellent point. I can stab a guy repeatedly, or shoot him, set him on fire, etc... but a game is more evil if it shows digital boobies?


Sea_Man2917d ago

I agree more sex please!

bananlol2917d ago

I doubt that 3ds game will get released...outside of japan:D

Undeadwolfy2917d ago

Great Logic: A game can have pretty much anything apart from sex.

My mind is full of fuck...

Fadetoblack692917d ago

Exactly! Shooting people in the face, blowing people up, ripping peoples limbs off, this is all perfectly acceptable... yet if a pair of breasts is shown it's "OMG THE WORLD WILL END IF WE LET THEM SHOW BOOBS!!"

This just shows you the stupidity of censorship, especially when most 'underage' people probably have a greater sexual repertoire than their parents ever thought of having.

How about instead, you don't force your morals onto other people, and make parents take responsibility for what they allow their kids to do, play and watch.

This is the exact same reason I no longer pay for 'censored' public television and instead only watch shows from other countries. If the 'average' person is so stupid that they need censors to enforce THEIR morals of what they can and can't see, they probably should not be breeding anyway.

Just my 2 cents......

n to the b2917d ago

"here I am once again to talk again about a new point that no-one seems to have particularly elaborated on yet"

this topic has been discussed for yrs now. unfortunately this opinion piece adds nothing worthwhile to the debate.

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The story is too old to be commented.