Gamesradar | The Top 7… Games you don’t want for Christmas 2010

If your family celebrates Christmas (the commercial one, not the Jesus one), there should be a stack of gaudy paper-covered boxes somewhere in your house. And if your parents love you, some of those boxes should be small, thin, and rectangular, with a little grove on one edge, and a slight rattle when shaken.

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ForzaGT2742d ago

i thought kinect would be ideal

deadreckoning6662741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

If you already have a 360 that is. But buying a 360 just to use Kinect is pricey. Btw, GamesRadar rocks. There usually spot on with their reviews.

disturbing_flame2741d ago

Kinect & Move.

But thank you gamesradar to have noticed that ALAN WAKE is overated.

FACTUAL evidence2741d ago

Whhaaat!? Alan wake would actually be good this holiday if you didn't buy it! It's 20$ and it's pretty darn solid! Don't pay attention to this article, instead of buying that late night pizza and sticks order you should pick up Alan wake. BTW that's the only game on the list that i disagree with.......probably MoH too..

dredgewalker2741d ago

I would agree that Alan Wake isn't a bad game and at that price it's a good deal. If I had a 360 I would definitely get it.

Myst2741d ago

Those faces had me laughing :p

femshep2741d ago

errrrm kinda dumb article

and the only reason why i wouldn't want Alan wake, Medal of honor or kinect is cause i bought them day 1 and i enjoy them very much (MOH i don't play online the only bad part of the game)

but nice job taking pictures from 4chan XD

Shazz2741d ago

Kinda harsh on a few games there but the James bond screenshot skit made me laugh

sp1deynut2741d ago

...that was stupid, not funny, and a tragic waste of webspace. :o

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The story is too old to be commented.