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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "Disney Epic Mickey was one of my most anticipated titles of this year. From the moment its dark and gorgeous concept art was revealed, I was pumped, and with every new announcement and reveal my excitement grew exponentially. It seemed like everyone who saw the game, in one form or another, was also eagerly awaiting its release. That's what makes all of this so hard. You see, Epic Mickey is flawed in some unforgivable ways. I've reviewed some bad games in my day; I've seen some things, but no game in recent memory has forced me to my limits of patience quite like Epic Mickey."

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JimmyJames702917d ago

The critics are panning it, but the people are buying it. It's probably parents buying it for their kids without reading reviews.

kube002917d ago

I'm going to pass on this.

katydarlin2917d ago

I've only played a little bit of this... and it was ok... but I got bored... REAL quick. The camera is a definite issue.