DC Universe Online: The Next Legend Is You

PS EU Blog: In DC Universe Online, the next legend is you…and Character Create is where you start your journey.

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Gantrfaxx2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I've tried the beta and it's fun. I haven't played any MMOs yet so i can't really judge how good it is compared to other MMos. But i like it and i'll probably be playing it.

UNCyrus2738d ago

It's a LOT of fun. I've had to try really hard to stop playing it, because the gameplay is so addicting

SIX2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I'm pleasantly surprised actually. Got to level 9 and started to notice pvp kicked in. Not sure if it was on before or if they enable it after a certain level.


Cool thanks Assassin.

AssassinHD2738d ago

You can start doing Legends PVP at level 5 in the beta.

SIX2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

BTW, can any seasoned mmo players chime in on how this compares to world of warcraft? I want to recommend this to my bro but all he plays is warcraft. I want to know if he could get in to something like this.

Christopher2738d ago

*** BTW, can any seasoned mmo players chime in on how this compares to world of warcraft? I want to recommend this to my bro but all he plays is warcraft. I want to know if he could get in to something like this. ***

Really not a good comparison. DCUO is more of an action focused MMO. Warcraft is a grind MMO. Both have solo, group, and raid content, but the way you play them are different. It's very hard to say that someone who likes WoW will like DCUO.

Tony-Red-Grave2738d ago

i have the beta for ps3 with two characters, a lvl 15&5, and the game truly is exciting, till you hit a long quest sometimes youll want to stop. btw anyone know how to get past the barrier in the quest were you have to drain the akhn, dunno how its spelled, of power im stuck in it i even gurned the three book shelfs.

BlackTar1872738d ago


Disclaimer I have only played till lvl 12

i like to call these type entry level MMO's they are not as in depth as WOW or FF.

I was a big COH, COV fan and those i considered newb friendly MMO's sure you can get into them and do alot more then beginners but i classify them as generally easy to play and learn.
I dont know how you can compare this to wow(I played for 1 year) since they are vastly different but share the same formula .

There are some huge differences though between the two in regards to combat toughness and knowledge required in the beginning phase. My brother plays alot of WOW too and he really enjoys this. Ive played alot of MMO's for ex. Warcraft,AION,CoH,CoV,FF,Burni ng seas and LoTR and i love it.

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Christopher2738d ago

Sticking to the topic at hand, in comparison to similar character creation tools from other super hero games (CoH and Champions Online), the DCUO character creator is definitely the 'lite' version.

Though it has a more limited character creation system, there are a lot of options and it's improved greatly by finding new costume pieces that you can always switch to during gameplay.

The costume philosophy with DCUO is vastly different than that of other games which could throw off veteran MMO gamers who don't realize the potential for costumes as you play.

despair2738d ago

agreed, I found some of the gear you get give great looks to your character, also completing the investigations, races and the other side stuff(the blue icons, forgot the name) give you some really cool costume pieces.

In alerts, arenas and beating guys like Bizzaro or Grundy also give you great unique gear, got Harley's jester helmet from beating Grundy. Also got a cowboy hat for the investigation in Area 51, so there are tonnes of costume items that are available in game to improve your character.

Figboy2738d ago

me and my wife really enjoy the approach to character customization in DCUO.

we were disappointed at first, until we started getting new costume pieces, and tailoring our character's looks accordingly.

having played City of Heroes since it's launch, i can say i prefer a lot of the design decisions of DCUO over CoH/V.

i enjoy being able to have a cape/flight/super speed/acrobatics from moment one. i prefer the fast paced combat. i prefer being able to switch parts of my costume without using up a costume slot. i prefer the missions. i prefer not getting experience debt when i get KO'd (that's a BIG deal for me with CoH. i HATED XP debt. it slowed the game down to a crawl). i prefer playing in an established license like DC, and i'm not even a hardcore DC fan.

interacting with so many iconic (and not so iconic) DC mainstays, i admit, got me to geek out a bit.

having Nightwing, or Zatana, or Killer Croc assist on a mission is pretty cool.

and Gotham City looks absolutely FANTASTIC. gliding and grappling hooking across Gotham was pretty awesome.

i enjoyed CoH for it's time, but i think DCUO is a better super hero MMO so far in terms of nailing the genre. picking up objects/vehicles and hurtling them at enemies/players is awesome, as is running across water with super speed, or activating super sonic flight while soaring over the sky.

the game doesn't feel like a grind MMO. it really feels like a single player action game set in the DC Universe, and you just happen to be able to play with lots of other people in the same world.

the core design of the game is well done so far. i'm digging the beta, and i'm trying to offer feedback, but most of the major suggestions/reports, i've had, are being addressed. i'm currently downloading the 3gig update, so i won't be getting to it for a while.

ThanatosDMC2738d ago

The thing that annoyed me is that I cant name my hero "SuperHulk" so i ended up with "SuperHulq". He looks like Hulk with a Superman cape and blue pants and a blue H on his green chest.

I understand Hulk is Marvel... but it's just a name of a created character! We can make DBZ characters though.

Christopher2738d ago

It's a copyright item. They have to be absolutely safe about what they allow you to name your characters as well as policing the looks of the various characters. If they don't, they'll get sued to high heaven and all the years of work they spent on making the game won't matter when the servers are shutdown.

They are continuing to update their validation code for character names and will continue to do so post release.

They might allow Hulking in a name, but a character like Super Hulk? No way.

ThanatosDMC2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

No space in between actually just "SuperHulk". Same for a hero named "IRONM4N" i was fighting with against a lv12 villain. We're low level heroes and this guy thought he could take on five low level heroes. The villain couldnt even move.

But yeah, i understand what you're saying.

gtsentry2738d ago

does anyone know how much characters you can create to play with

Christopher2738d ago

8 total per account at this time.

Christopher2738d ago

Actually, compared to WoW, EQ2, and Vanguard, it's very small.

INehalemEXI2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

It's size feels like an open world game with mmo mechanics... sure it will be bigger after beta.

It's very fun though a lot of freezing and MR Freeze on the loading screen is apt ...a little to apt.

If they fix that, keep it refreshing with new content and interesting pvp it will be great , my first SuperMMO.

-Das Megito Lvl 20 Hero PS3 PVP

Redempteur2738d ago

Actually this is the right size ... not too small not too big ... you have enought to go exploring and not get lost because there are things to do ...

Graphics2738d ago

I started playing again yesterday and went from 1-9. The game is fun but i thought it was too repetitive. The environments are the same. I don't like MMOs but what I do like about them is how big the worlds are and all the different types of landscapes which makes it fun to explore. In DC universe its just a City, doesn't motivate me at all to go exploring.. The gameplay is awesome though.

Keith Olbermann2738d ago

Ive sampled just about every mmo made and this one is very fun. Yep..your in a city but I'm sure there will be more to the final version...add ons dlc and the like. This is perfect for a console mmo too.

Figboy2738d ago

i think the thing to keep in mind is that this is just the beta, meaning it's not the full game. we're only stress testing Gotham and Metropolis, but there are going to be a lot more areas come launch. remember, they have the whole DC Universe to pillage like Star City (Green Arrow), Atlantis (Aquaman), Themyscira(Wonder Woman), Bludhaven (Nightwing), etc.

each of those locations will no doubt make it into the game (if a few aren't already), and they will all be visually distinct.

the DCUO beta isn't a demo. it's for stress testing purposes. i'm not a big DC fan (i'm more of a Marvel fan, myself), but this game has hit just about all of the right notes for me concerning a super hero game. between this, inFAMOUS 2, and Batman: Arkham City, i'm going to be in super hero heaven next year.

mantasis2738d ago

so is this gonna be a subscription game, or one time retail purchase? I'm really interested, but the idea of a MMO on the PS3 just seems too good to be without flaws. Is the beta buggy or anything?

Sitris2738d ago

The beta has bugs, like Aussie gamers can't even play consistently, but the game is super fun, I was on the fence about the game, now I have a preorder haha

Steven212738d ago

i think its very good but i did find a bug with the cars in the game. if you hit one into another they will jump all over the place and go inside other ones. other than that the only other issue i have is the way the controls change when you run on the walls or ceiling. i think this game is absolutely amazing right now and i cant wait to see the final product

mantasis2738d ago

sweeeet, thanks for the replies, looks like I'll be getting my first MMORPG in 2011 :D

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