Hino: "I'd love to watch all kinds of adaptation of Professor Layton and his world"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Akihiro Hino, CEO and President of Level-5, has revealed his thoughts on where he sees the future of the hugely successful Professor Layton series heading, including the potential for a Hollywood film, TV series or even a play.

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Arup022590d ago

A movie will be great, i played the game once,it was fun.

KiasuKiasiMan2590d ago

There is a movie that has already been released. look up

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

SnakeMustDie2590d ago

A Movie adaption of the Layton vs Wright will be awesome!

AwesomeJizz2590d ago

I love Professor Layton and I've played all of his games.

Venox20082590d ago

there is a good movie-cartoon about professor layton.. I would recommend you to see "Professor layton and eternal diva" :)

and yes, I would like to see more of his adoptations.. :)

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