What Genre Is Mass Effect 2? And Who Cares?

NowGamer: "Not this again. You overhear – and, well, participate in – a lot of very geeky, sometimes very heated arguments when you work in an office housing not just one, but six major gaming publications. The finer points of games and gaming are debated at length on a daily basis and, even when passions run unnecessarily high, it’s usually just a healthy expression of how enthusiastic we all are. But there’s one area of debate that bores the living tits off me…"

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Shanks2471d ago

It's a shooter with light, very very light, RPG elements.

CrzyFooL2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Yes Shanks. You are 100% correct.

To be more precise, it's a 3rd person cover based shooter with light RPG elements and a malleable storyline.

HolyOrangeCows2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

It's a shooter with a T-shirt on that says "I is R-Pee-Gee"

PandemicPrawn02471d ago

It is now.

ME1 still sits as a WRPG in my books.

teething2471d ago

I dont care about the genre. It was a lot of fun.

That being said, i felt like i was playing a "role" more than any other "rpg" i have played in the past. And this comes from someone who likrs rpg's.

Those that think rpg means msnaging invintories and using probability calculations to determine hitting and damage will disagree.

darthkai2470d ago

No no no, you are both wrong.

It's genre is AWESOME. End of story.

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R_aVe_N2471d ago

Yes it is an Action RPG it is no way a shooter. Shooters don't have near the amount of story as games like ME.

NatureOfLogic2471d ago

Story don't determine if a game is a RPG or not.

-Alpha2471d ago

So then what is Half Life?

R_aVe_N2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

@KingElixir Story is what defines and RPG without the story it would be just like that other mindless dribble when you add in the customization of character this is the basic building blocks of an RPG.

@Alpha I have no clue what Half Life would be considered because I did not play any of them. I am an RPG/MMO guy and Half Life is clearly neither. Although I have heard it does have a good story behind it.

In the end it really does not matter what genre it is all the matters is if you enjoy playing it or not.

L-a-i-n2471d ago

Half Life is a shooter with a decent story. ME is a Action RPG when you get down to the tacks. I can see where people would think it would be a shooter, but it is not. Anybody that says story does not make an RPG's are just being stupid and RPG with no story would be stupid.

visualb2471d ago


gameplay mechanic =/= story quality

even pinball games can have "good" stories.

just because its a shooter it doesn't mean it cant have a good story. don't get confused.

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FOXDIE2470d ago

Mass effect 1 > Mass effect 2

End of story!

WhiteNoise2470d ago

People who say it is a shooter more than an RPG obviously picked the noob soldier class and had the difficulty on normal.

Why not play the game on hardcore and let me see you get through the first battle in the game without using the tactical pause...

God damn console noobs.

Seriously an RPG and people play it with the soldier class ( official bioware stats taken from people uploads suggest that 60+% of console gamers choose the soldier class....... )


Like I said, play it on hardcore and tell me it's not an RPG or strategic.

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2471d ago
theonlylolking2471d ago

3rd person action shooter RPG. I think mass effect is the best RPG ever.

NatureOfLogic2471d ago

you are one of the reasons I dislike the new gen of gamers, you have no ideal what a great RPG is.

theonlylolking2471d ago

IF you are talking about oblivion then you are wrong. Oblivion is crap.

trevonn952470d ago

oblivion is crap? SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!

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