Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Which Platform Had The Best Exclusives of 2010 (PS3 vs. Xbox 360)?

Lens of Truth Writes "We take a look back at 2010 to see which platform had the best exclusives throughout the year. We decided not to declare a winner this time around, but instead let you decide which console had the best exclusive games of 2010. Below are what we consider the "cream of the crop" for platform exclusives this year. The first page of this comparison consist of the Xbox 360 exclusives followed by the PlayStation 3 exclusives on page two. Make sure to cast your vote and support your favorite platform, because only you can decide of fate of this weeks Head2Head!"

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donkeydoo2916d ago

PS3 has the Best Exclusive, what about Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. Nothing on Xbox comes close to them..

RudeSole Devil2916d ago

Stay on topic, games of 2010 dude.

donkeydoo2916d ago

well what about the Wii? Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch Out rocked.

GrieverSoul2916d ago

Funny that Mass Effect 2 is considered an exclusive even though its announced for PS3 and was released for PC.


Mystogan2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

@donkeydoo its PS3 vs xbox 360 ?

Xbox 360 in 2010 has the best
Exclusive's maybe not the most but certainly the best.

2011?? we'll see what MS has for us next year.
I hope for some New IP's and Sequels from the original Xbox's games, Blinx 3 anyone?

Sony already announced most of its 2011 line-up.

While all the Exclusives we know for Xbox 360 are third-party titles like Gears 3, Codename D,Steel Battalion, Project Draco,Rise of Nightmares and Codename Kingdoms

cranium2916d ago

Mass Effect 2 will lose it's exclusivity come January, meaning that at this moment, it should still be considered console exclusive to the 360.

GrieverSoul2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


I would like to make a bet here on N4G.
Even though Mass Effect 2 will be released for the PS3 in January 2011, its review score will be inferior to the X360 review metacritic score. Even though it will contain all the DLC and is the complete version of the game with improved graphics and all.

zootang2916d ago

GT5, God of War 3, Heavy Rain and MAG

Those are some genre defining games!

Ratchet5102916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

No game of 2010 is better than GOW3 because it does not matter about online or how long the game is. It matter about if the game will deliver the big time block buster gameplay like all God of War games has done. Halo the weakest FPS of all time, Mass Effects 2 is not exclusive because it is on PS3. Fable was garbage like all the other ones, xbox has no good exclusives that can compete with God of War 3.


they didnt do this article in 2009, and wont do this article in 2011.

most of their articles are just there to flame.

both machines had top exclusives,to those saying me2 isnt console exclusive...can you go to a store and buy it for a ps3? its still exclusive for a couple weeks.

BannedForNineYears2916d ago

[email protected] who think ME 2 is a 360 exclusive.....
It isn't....
You can call it a Microsoft exclusive I suppose. ;3
Not for long though, so enjoy it while it lasts.
Lol, poor 360 owners....Trying to twist definitions in order to make their console look superior.

Biggest2916d ago

It's strange that they only picked a handful of the games that were exclusive to PS3 while picking even fewer games that were exclusive to 360, and still added it up to equal the 360 having the best exclusives.

Right off the bat you can subtract Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell from the 360 list as both are on the PC.

Why were ModNation Racers, 3D Dot Game Heroes, MLB The Show, and other left off of the PS3 list?

This goes back to something I often say. Instead of the people that think they're media members using the "Syndrome Rule" they would rather use the "No Child Left Behind" rule. Instead of increasing the power of everyone involved, just strip away what makes something superior so that everyone looks just as lame as the lamest.

For those that don't know. . . Syndrome is the villain from The Incredibles. He wanted to sell super powers to everyone because when everyone is super, no one is.

No Child Left Behind is the US initiative that lowers knowledge requirements for students, ensuring that while children may end up less intelligent, they will at least make it through school one day.

Spitfire_Riggz2916d ago


I'm going to be playing mass effect 2 on my PS3 tomorrow so.. kinda disagree with you there.

gaffyh2916d ago

Heavy Rain and God of War 3 alone were good enough for me, but GT5 is the icing on the cake, by far the best racing game this gen.

ABizzel12916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I think you all are putting too much into this. It was a tie to me. I enjoyed Mass Effect 2 (timed 360 and PC exclusive), Halo Reach, and Alan Wake on the 360. And I love God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, and ModNation Racers on PS3 (I guess since a PSP version came out it wasn't considered exclusive???).

None of the other games mattered to me (except Yakuza 3, but I'm still on part 2, so I'll have to wait.), so at the end of the day it's a matter of opinion.

I don't think 2010 was a strong year, for exclusives, but AAA multiplats were overall good this year, which made up for it.

If anything I think the PSP had the best exclusives this year.

God of War Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and Valkryia Chronicles 2. AS well as some console ports such as ModNation Racers, Fat Princess, Ys Seven, Persona 3, and more. The PSP secretly had the best year out of the systems.

Koolno2916d ago

IF people didn't knwo after all the biased and ridiculous "screenshots comparisons" that lens of truth is just a xbotblog, can easily understand now :)

GOW, gt5, heavy rain, modnation racer, moves games...even if 2011 is probably better, ps3 has no real competition since 2008.

darthv722916d ago

That title is more opinion than fact. It would make more sense if it was "Which platform had the most exclusives of 2010"

That way it wouldnt appear so subjective of a topic. The term "best" is a matter of opinion as we can all see entertainment value differently.

nnotdead2915d ago

problem with the 360 list. 2 out of the 6 games are also on PC. one isn't even a "Microsoft" exclusive, which is even lamer than than saying "console", Splinter Cell being on Onlive means Macs can play as well.

in the end it doesn't matter, because they chose the 360 because of Halo. them being huge Halo fans means it didn't matter what Sony brought out this year.

it matters even less once you realize its just an opinion. disagreeing won't change anyones mind.

hyextacy2915d ago


Of course, I can go out to the store and pick up a copy for my PC.

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Ratchet5102916d ago

These two games did worst than the previous games.

cranium2916d ago

Gears didn't release this year.

Halochampian2915d ago


I would be careful with what I say...

GT5 and God of war also "did worse than the previous games"

King-Leonidas2915d ago


Wtf are you smoking? Have you played those games?? Or did you get that idea from the internet?

Halochampian2915d ago

I have played both the games... but i was going off his logic.

He was going off scores. Just as much as I was. Which is why I said to be careful with what he said.

And have you played Reach or Gears 2?

Reach is far superior to his predecessors even CE.

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NatureOfLogic2916d ago

PS3 FTW, xbox 360 is good but not PS3 good.

Spider0502916d ago

MLB 10: The Show - 91/100
The Sly Collection - 87/100
Joe Danger - 86/100
ModNation Racers - 82/100
3D Dot Game Heroes - 77/100

where are others PS3 exclusives?

schlanz2916d ago

Funny, they snub these games and insert the critical flop in White Knight chronicles!

NeutralGamer2916d ago

I could say the same thing about Limbo (90 on metacritic)

Anon19742916d ago

Ridiculous. If ever there was any question about LOT's console preference, here it is in complete, biased black and white. By including 360 games as "exclusive" that were no such thing and by ignoring fantastic, true exclusives on the PS3 like Modnation Racers and MLB the Show (which scored 91 on metacritic), LOT fails...utterly. Knowing their strong console preference it kinda draws into question the fairness surrounding everything else they do, doesn't it?

come_stains2916d ago

hahhahahahahahahah! butt hurt much!!

cyborg69712916d ago

@ dunbar Hahahahahahahahaha dickhead much?

Christopher2916d ago

Was disappointed to see them cherry pick exclusives from both the PS3 and 360 that pretty much catered to their own desires and not the systems as a whole.

Some of their comments were weird as well since two of them claim to get more time on their 360, but fail to mention that most of that time was playing 3rd-party shooters.

jjmustoe2916d ago

God of War III 92
+ Gran Turismo 5 84
+ Heavy Rain 87
+ mag 76
+ White Knight Chronicles 64
+ Yakuza 3 80
= 483

xbox 360
Alan Wake 83
+ Halo Reach 91
+ Crackdown 2 70
+ Fable III 80
Mass Effect 2 is on ps3
+ Splinter Cell 85
= 409

ps3 wins 2010

sporteous1212122916d ago

To be fair mass effect 2 should be replaced with the next highest rated title of 2010 for the 360. I agree that ME2 is not a 360 exclusive...not because it is coming out for PS3...but because it was also on the PC this year.

Masterchef20072916d ago

that list is accurate. All games are true exclusives on it

schlanz2916d ago

Splinter cell is also for pc. Things cannot be multiplatform and exclusive simultaneously.

FinalSpartan2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

erm talking about this year, Xbox 360 belongs to all platforms.

2010 - 1st Wii( SMG2 )/ 2nd Xbox 360 / 2nd PS3 )

2011 - PS3 :D

2010 God Of War highlight for PS3. Thats all.

TheGreatIndonesia2915d ago

no.. 360 does not deserve 2nd place in exclusives, u should see jjmustoe list up there it sums up everything... he didn't even include mlb, mod nation, and 3d dot

samuraiX2915d ago

Yakuza 3 and GT5 are the best games i played this year...

Too bad most people here "fanboys" play with score more than games.

Lord_Doggington2915d ago

FYI, all the staff members chose the 360 for 2010.

ksense2915d ago

and the funny thing is they all mention halo as being their most played game.....

and the users that voted chose ps3 unanimously. like 1000 votes to 400...

showtimefolks2915d ago

i say was a bigger year for xbox360 than my beloved ps3.

after Q1 of 2010 sny didn't have much fall was huge but LBP2 and Socom 4 were delayed.

halo reach
fable 3
alal wake
god of war 3
yakuza 3
heavy rain
3d dot hero

what the hell do i knw i listed more ps3 exclusives than xbox360 but as my persoanl opinion i felt like it was a slow year for ps3 software wise but 2011 is no question about it belongs to sony

mephixto2915d ago

The only argument the 03 editors give is "Most played games". Quantity over quality, it's like saying Justin Bieber is better than the U2.

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Soul Train2916d ago

God of War 3 was great but I still gotta pick the 360 for overall games this year. Halo, AW, and ME2 (still 360 exclusive).

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Sea_Man2916d ago

Yeah Xbox sweeps the floor here. The only game on the PS3 that is worth anything is GOW 3 IMO!

talltony2916d ago

Your kidding right? The biggest 360 game was reach and IMO that was very underwhelming. It is almost exactly the same as every other halo. I haven't turned my 360 on since reach. Sony had much more variety this year with heavy rain, god of war 3, and gt5.

Masterchef20072916d ago

Halo is meant to be like every other Halo. Thats why people buy it. Same reason why people buy new super mario brothers and God of War 3.

talltony2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

IMO halo reach was underwhelming and didn't top halo 3 in any way at all. The sp was lame, nothing happened in it. I thought it was going to be bungies great big last hoorah but I was massively let down.

jetlian2916d ago

give it a rest gow gt5 and HR were all the same too. None of the games you mentioned added anything new.

variety how about fable3, NNN 2,ALAN WAKE, LIMBO, Sc:CON

talltony2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Give what a rest? That I hated halo reach? And if you think their isn't anything unique about the games I mentioned especially heavy rain then their is def something wrong with you. I am sorry you feel insulted by my animosity towards reach. And lol at your version of variety. Maybe I should have mentioned modnation racers and mag.

jetlian2916d ago

I could careless how you feel for reach none of the ps3 games you mentioned added anything new. Indigo did what HR did years ago.

you mentioned 3 games 1 adventure,a brawler, and a racing game. I mentioned a rpg, brawler, horror, platformer, and stealth/shooter.

talltony2915d ago

No I mentioned Heavy Rain which has never been done like that before, Indigo barely touched on what heavy rain did and you know it.

No game has ever had as massive boss battles like God of war 3. So no GOW3 is not just another brawler.

No racing game has ever had 1000+ cars like Gt5.

No console fps has ever had 256 players in one game like mag.

Modnation racers is extremely customizable and no game has ever had a course creator quite like it.

Microsoft had another Halo, another Fable and a survival Horror.
You see all the games I mentioned offer more variety and do things that have never been done before.

jetlian2915d ago

wasn't mentioned in your post. HR is the exact same as indigo and having 1000 cars or 256 people doesn't change game variety!!! Also the boss battle of gow isn't new.

cutscenes mixed with fighing been done son

talltony2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

At first I was talking about the big 3 for sony this year but since you mentioned 5 I mentioned 2 more, Mag and Modnation.

"1000 cars or 256 people doesn't change game variety!!!"
It doesnt change the GENRE but it changes how unique the game is which is more than I can say about Microsofts lineup this year. They havent done anything to push any Genre forward in any way whatsoever. Nothing unique for the hardcore audience, They focused on kinect this year.

Gow3 Is more than you make it out to be. You know just watch this, nothing like this has ever been done before. This is on a whole nother level. (Watch in HD)

But like what you like I dont care son.

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SnakeMustDie2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Best Exclusives? People have preferences. I guess people doesn't want diversity. If people just want online shooters and a big community, they will get a xbox. If people plays different kinds of high quality games of every genre, they will get a ps3.

NYC_Gamer2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

seems like they gave it to 360 because it has the highest rated mainstream exclusive..but for me ps3 has the quality titles

baodeus2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

so you mean GT5, GoW3, aren't mainstream?

So MS only has Halo Reach this year?

"Sony brought new games and the rivals???" So why don't u search it up? You can google it right?

Although LoT throw some shitz in there for comparison is questionable. Doing this for hit again eh......