Gamespot: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception First Look

We watch as Naughty Dog drops Nathan Drake in even bigger trouble in the third entry of the Uncharted series.

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ForzaGT2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

can't beleive uncharted is back, one thing i noticed is that drake looks more better then uncharted 2 which I can't believe given how good drake in UC2 looks, I wonder if they are using a better engine

theonlylolking2918d ago

I watched the trailer for U3 and then played U2 and the graphics are so much worse in U2.

metsgaming2918d ago

I woulndt go as far as saying uc2 graphics are so much worse than in the trailer. They are better though thats for sure

Washington-Capitals2918d ago

Just to help you out "more better" is grammatically incorrect.

On topic, i cant wait for the demo.

PS360PCROCKS2918d ago

Yeah Drake does look a little better than Uncharted 2. The biggest difference between UC2 and UC3 is not the textures and stuff though. If you watch the footage they mainly upgraded the environmental effects. Obviously fire but the water, particles floating in the air, the lighting is tremendously better. I think the main thing is the lighting gives the game a better look and helps to show some of the detail better.

and yes Naughty Dog is using a better engine. They have their own engine that they created specifically for PS3. After every game developers usually take the knowledge they learned and upgrade their engine the best way possible. Which is why you see the extra effects and all the extra fighting movs etc...

cranium2918d ago

The biggest improvement I saw over Uncharted 2 was Sully's mustache. Have you seen the detail on it? It's beautiful!

acky12918d ago

Sony 'til I die, I'm sony 'til I die, I know I am I'm sure I am I'm sony 'til I die.
Sony 'til I die

cody2oo2918d ago

ok, so we are all very excited for this game, but do we really need so many articles talking about the same exact idea that this game is "above all else"

sam22362918d ago

This is cool and all...but isn't it a bit early for a 'First Look'? The game's a year away, for God's sake! Hell, IIRC U2 didn't even have stuff like this right after it was announced.

Still, I'm looking forward to it. Just Platinum'd U2, so I'm awaiting U3's trophies...Crushing Mode's going to be a pain in the ass as usual, lol!

PS360PCROCKS2918d ago

a bit early for a first look? 11 months? That's actually a short time frame.

manman62918d ago

the game look so good
i had to go back and play uncharted 2 and wait until uncharted 3 come out

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