Massive Square Enix sale at Steam, save $553.54

Gamersmint writes : Christmas is coming early for some people, Steam has just revealed a Square Enix pack worth $74.99 which contains the publisher’s entire catalogue available on their service.

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Karooo2736d ago

awesome, buy this people

psb2736d ago

How tempting this might be, I am not going to buy it. I mean, it's not even started yet and there's no way I am going to spend so much already. I will wait for the individual deals.

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BYE2736d ago

Hell no. The good games out of this pack (Hitman, Thief, Batman) I already have.

And there will be better packs than the Square Enix one.

pansenbaer2736d ago

If I was confident my PC could run all these games, I would probably pick it up... :sigh:

Godmars2902736d ago

Most of those games I don't want. Still, they are talking about several that I'm at least interests in for little over the price of one.

ct032736d ago

Haha, as if the Square Enix pack is the only news-worthy deal. Steam is literally lighting up with sales like a Christmas tree as we speak.

Valve's own collection is only $25 btw. Probably the best value for money you will ever see.

xX TriiCKy Xx2736d ago

The good games on there are cheap. Like Batman: AA is only $15. Just Cause 2 is only $15. Hitman:BM is only $5. The Tomb Raiders are all cheap. Thief is cheap.

ct032736d ago

There are almost a thousand games on sale if the Specials tab is to be believed. Gosh, I need to grab myself some coffee and start browsing.

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The story is too old to be commented.