GameZone: Dragon Age II Hands-on Preview

"BioWare has heard the pleas of console gamers and went back to the drawing board per se with Dragon Age II. Dragon Age: Origins wasn’t the prettiest looking game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, nor did it contain the most fluid or exciting combat. The PC iteration has also received refinements, but none as obvious as the consoles. Thus, a new direction and focus for the series has been approached. Fans may be in for one of the most enticing role-playing games of 2011."

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alee2798d ago

I haven't played the earlier games, but the changes for consoles sound good.

Arup022797d ago

I have a feeling that this game wont be this good. Let's hope i'm wrong.

XXXCouture2797d ago

hey its bioware, its gonna be good

jzungre2797d ago

what a year 2011 will be...

WhiteNoise2797d ago

"Dragon Age: Origins wasn’t the prettiest looking game "

This was true for all platforms, when The Witcher from 2 years earlier looks better in many ways, you know bioware is behind on the times. Thank god for a new engine.

jrbeerman112797d ago

I get more and more excited for this game every time I hear more news on it.

Bioware is trying to bridge the gap of action and RPG in two series now, and after Mass Effect 2, I believe they can bring more action to the rpg without skimping on what makes DA:O such a great game.

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The story is too old to be commented.