Eurogamer previews Prototype: "If only all prototypes were this promising"

Eurogamer is bored of parkour. Yes, it's very impressive, all that dedication and skill and hours spent doing forward rolls in car parks. But now it's everywhere, from James Bond films to poor quality videogames, and what was once edgy and exciting is now dull. It's like when Madonna started doing krump in her videos, or Mr T started selling Snickers, or Riverdance appeared on Eurovision.

So when Radical Entertainment begins a demo of its new game by explaining it's all done in a "hyper-parkour style", it's hard to get excited. Until, that is, Eurogamer is shown the main character running up 100-storey Manhattan buildings and bounding across rooftops as if they're trampolines. Taking a slow motion dive back to earth, he circuits Times Square by leaping from car roof to car roof, the action unfolding at an incredible pace. It's a lot more exciting than watching someone do a handstand on a bannister.

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mighty_douche3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

this game might take over as the king of sandbox!!

20% complete and already looking amazing!!!

PlayStation3603693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

but hmmm, a "super powered" dude running around a full city. Sounds like inFamous. I wonder if these two games are gonna go at it in 2008. I know Prototype is multiplat, but since I'm getting inFamous for my PS3, guess I'll balance it out and get Prototype for my 360. :)

jay33693d ago

Is this like, Crackdown, but Batman Begins style?

That would be sweet.

me_p3693d ago

This is shaping like a great game... still at 20%

THE_JUDGE3693d ago

and the look too. Id rather have this than GTA4, I think GTA got played out after 2, it just doesn't entertain me anymore.

Eagle_CFC3693d ago

I miss Crackdown so if this fills the void on my PS3 then I will be VERY happy.