RipTen Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

Aaron Alexander of RipTen: "DICE is back with an expansion pack to 2010's most destructive shooter; Bad Company 2. But is this new Vietnam expansion a winner or loser?"

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Drjft2837d ago

Great expansion and definitely great value for money.

Cevapi882836d ago

the saddest part about this is that the CoD map pack will outsell this by a longshot and yet they are the same price...5 small maps over an expansion

ECM0NEY2836d ago

DAy 1

XBL: EC M0NEY if anybody wants to play

Batmau52837d ago

Cant get enough of this game!

Drjft2837d ago

It aint me, it aint meeeee.

jaredhart2837d ago

Definitely have to get it.

MGRogue20172837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

800MS Points... or I ain't buying.

Sorry guys, It looks like great fun.. but 1200MS Points? Too steep. 800MS Points is perfect.

ElDorado2837d ago

Man you out of your mind? That's some greedy shit. If they would only add singleplayer to it, it would be like a full game. This is so cheap and look at what you get back for that little money you pay. 5 entire new multiplayer maps and new weapons, vehicles and i can go on.

mrv3212837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

You paid 1200MS for 1943 and this is basically the same, except with more Variety I suppose and longer lasting since 1943 got boring after a while.

1200MS for the Blops maps is a rip off but this is not, imagine how much the licensing cost, the new weapons renders and sounds, it's a whole new battlefield experience I hope they turn into a full game, Bad Company 3 prehaps.

For one of two reason

2. A bunch of COD fanboys will reply with 'They are just copying black ops' to which we and everyone else can reply 'Battlefield Vietnam came out years before black ops, Battlefield 2 came out before MW, 1942 came out before Call of Duty 1.'

Well 1943 cost $15 and was great value for money, Vietnam is no different in fact it probably offers more.

MGRogue20172837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Wha...? I got that 1943 arcade game free with the Ultimate Edition of Bad Company 2. :)

Also, I'm not getting Vietnam or First Strike map pack.. I'm getting Hydrophobia Pure for 800MS Points instead.

CrzyFooL2837d ago

Who in their right mind would buy Hydrophobia!? You must be crazy!!

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The story is too old to be commented.