Proof that developers do listen: Hydrophobia Pure

In an unprecedented move by developer Dark Energy Digital, the Xbox LIVE Arcade downloadable title Hydrophobia will be re-released tomorrow with bucket-fulls of tweaks under the name Hydrophobia Pure.
Now, it's not uncommon for developers to tweak their products with downloadable updates, but this is the first time in recent history that a completely new title has been applied to what may very well be an entirely new game. And with the list of significant updates reaching into the hundreds (reproduced below), one can only imagine the transformation.

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sjaakiejj2918d ago

It's good that they listened, but instead of re-releasing the title, wouldn't it have been better to just either release a sequel, or release this as an update to the title, such that owners of the original don't have to buy it again?

Mystogan2918d ago

they don't have to buy it again its an update.

and they changed the name of the game to reflect upon how much has changed, thats it.

dragunrising2917d ago

Regardless, its nice to experience the game for the first time with improvements :-)

I almost bought it during the spend 1600 Microsoft points promotion, get 400 points. Glad I held out and saved $5 too.

FinalSpartan2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

impressive developer devotion. Game had potential, awesome water effects. Ill check out the trial game to see whats up .

MGRogue20172918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I am buying it. 800MS points? It's a no-brainer.

It's obvious that the developers have great respect in their title & for that, I will support them by buying the game.. It's the least I could do for all of their hard work they've put into this HUGE update. :)

TheAmericnDream2918d ago

So happy to see this game get an update. I feel like that game had a TON of potential. I was just waiting in the wings for an improved sequel, but I will take this, too.

theonlylolking2918d ago

Only a few devs listen and take note to their fans.

Wizziokid2918d ago

it's good to see a developer really care about there game, Treyarch hope your reading this.

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The story is too old to be commented.