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CrzyFooL2770d ago

I have never heard of this? Is this good?

Christopher2770d ago

It's okay. Similar to Professor Layton in regards to puzzles.

Not sure how much this benefits from Move implementation. I'll test it out at some time.

Orion2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Worst purchase I have ever made. It's basically a 3D rendered video that stops from time to time to make you answer questions or solve easy puzzles. When you go through it, it's done, not replayable at all. "Game" deleted... :(

If you have kids 5-10 years old, English speakers, then you might appreciate it as a matter of entertainment for them...

DevilsJoker2770d ago

I always feel bad for these guys, I ALWAYS see blue toad getting price reductions, which obviously means it's not selling too well. But I decided to pick up the game... and it's good.

Very fun, and some of the puzzles are genuinely challenging, the whole murder aspect adds a nice bit of flavor to it too. If this patch means people wanting games to go with their move will pick it up.. then good!

TANUKI2770d ago

I feel bad for these guys too. I really want to support them, but every time I get around to buying the game, there's something "better" I see (like Dead Nation, Costume Quest, etc).

I was planning on buying it sometime in January, but I forgot Dead Space and LBP2 (or was it K3?) are releasing so close to each other, in that same month.

Redempteur2770d ago

price reduction are present when the devs themselves wants ...

The problem with murder files is that its' a genre that isn't mainstream.

But it's always good to see more MOVE-enabled games

jack_burt0n2770d ago

buy buzz thats great if you want to support them.

Shazz2770d ago

the full game 1-6 is reduced to 9.99 on 22nd for europe but problem is i have episodes 1-3 so thats what kinda mucks sales up of this game i think . its great though buy it

Downtown boogey2770d ago

Best game since sliced bread.

Balt 2769d ago

I loved the game. It has a sharp vibe that hankers back to childhood in the 80's and Saturday morning cartoons for me. It's a light hearted whodunit and it is heavily grounded in the same genre as Dragon's Lair and Space Ace to a degree. Well, in it that you don't actually control any one set character through anything more than commands.

The game is good. Move support will probably add little to the game, but it's free and that's sharp. I encourage anyone who wants to sit back, relax and have a good time using your brains to buy the game. It'll prove a different experience to be sure.