Hunted: The Demon’s Forge “The World of Hunted” Video

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is a fresh take on the classic fantasy game that delivers the intensity and action of a modern-day cooperative shooter. With environments that span from enchanted forests to sprawling cities and deep into long forgotten dung

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fungmi2736d ago

This game really looks Brutal and Gruesome.

kramun2736d ago

Looks quite promising. Interview with the dev if anyones interested

Maldread2736d ago

Thanks, bubbles for that :) Had almost forgotten about this one, but it looks pretty good.

Hope they change the title though. Hunted: The demon`s forge sounds a bit off ;)

stuntman_mike2736d ago

i like what this developer has done they werent happy with it so they went back and re-done it and made it a lot better for it, not many devs out there would do this (they'd moan or ignore it completley) kudos to them.

fungmi2736d ago

You know I had no idea they did that, do you know what they changed?

stuntman_mike2736d ago

sorry dude i posted in the wrong game lol..? i dont know how i managed that?

i was talking about hydraphobia on 360.