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Two Worlds II Review - reviews Two Worlds II and features a gameplay video so you can see for yourself.
Two Worlds II is, in a nutshell, everything that Two Worlds could only ever have dreamed of being. It is less about running around as an errand boy and more an entertaining journey through Antaloor with side quests thrown in along the way to give you something to do on your travels.

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Community2913d ago
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RedDead2913d ago

Good indepth review, I was expecting the game to be good because the first seems liek a beta or something. Going to get this game.

jriquelme_paraguay2912d ago

why oooh whyyy!!
so many good gamees...

yess2912d ago

I just finished this game.
In the start you fell the game is great, then you start exsploring, and the shit hits the fan.

The review say's the map is big, thats a direct lie.
It's so f****** small, you can run across the biggest island in 5 min. and on horse even faster.
Then you realise that all caves and doungeons are all locked, and can only be entered by quest.
There are a few caves which you can enter, with out quest, but there is only a few enemies, or nothing at all, and one cheast or nothing at all.

Trough the game you are looking forward to, set foot on the biggest island in the game, until you get there and again realise that you only have acces to about 10%, the rest is multi only.
The enemies are few, and the same type all the time.

I am a big rpg fan, but this game is just borring. No exsploring, and the rewards are meh...
Lot of the skill's are totally useless, like thieving and sneaking.

The only thing i like is the start, that is for me where all the fun is, My score is 7/10 and that cause of the graphics and optimization, It really runs great, even on my laptop, in highest settings.

But maby you will feel different, and like it.
I played it and finished it, and never going to touch it again.

RedDead2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Well that's dissapointing...
two worlds 3 maybe!

yess2912d ago

Yes or some really good updates, I liked the first one, or some of it LOL.. and waited for this, to be my game for a while, but it was over so fast.And i have no reason to go back.

I guess i have to wait again, untill TW 3...Sigh

showtimefolks2912d ago

this game was delayed given enough time and still the same results

good luck to rpg fans as i am one but not gonna waste on this

monfa2913d ago

To bad it wasn't released this month :(

Rowland2913d ago

wow ! that's a full on review alright - Glad to hear it's great !

MGRogue20172912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

It seems to be alot more improved from the first one in terms of graphics & overall gameplay.

But uh, it's defintely something you should pick up when it's cheap, not at full price.

McDomination2912d ago

Wait until it's cheap!? No way! This is one of the very rare times where the full price of the game is more than worth it!

If anyone is thinking about picking up Two Worlds II, stop thinking and just do it! Honestly, this is RPG GotY material. Best RPG since Oblivion for sure!

Raider692912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Im loving it !Im adicted to it!People this is the kind of rpg that you keep playing straight for 6 hours a day/night them my wife came at looking for me at 7'PM morning asking if im not going to work at 9!I havent pick an adictive game like this in a while!You know that kind of rare game that wend you go to bed after playing it you keep on dreaming about it too!That's TW2 for me!One hell of a game!

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