Black Ops First Strike 1200 Microsoft Points, Dammit

Well it looks like Treyarch/Activision are going to be preserving the same price for the Call Of Duty Map Packs as they did in Modern Warfare 2,

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MGRogue20172914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I did not get those MW2 map packs... And Mark my words, I will not be getting this one either.

Not unless they drop that shit to 800MS Points.

GrieverSoul2914d ago

The best part is that rumor has it, these maps are old reashed maps from previous cod titles. Like CoD 4 and World at War.

Even better, is all the people saying they wont buy them in order to make a point but still in the end, they will!

DORMIN2914d ago

Hey everybody,

Guess what I'm not buying!

Besides the sheep that autobuy this stuff, you really expect to get away with selling this at that price with all the spectacular games coming in the first months of 2011? F*CK YOU ACTIVISION.

RedRedSuitSDF2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Good for you.. and Activision, and the rest of us fans that love COD BO, couldn't care less that you didn't get maps for the last game, or for this game.

Looks like they were able to slide by without you buying, and make another COD.

And the maps are 4 new maps from the game, and one new Zombie map. Uhmmm.. not even close to 4 old maps.

Bring on the maps, and double xp!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!

RedRedSuitSDF2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

How is there 5 disagrees for something that is fact? Are the haters really that rattled? There will be 4, count them, 4 NEW maps, and one new zombie map. Activision does not care about those of you complaining at how much the map pack cost. It's not stopping them from doing it, and the majority of fans, like myself from buying them.

Go ahead and complain all you want. Feb 1rst.. most of us xbots who love the game will be playing new maps, and then a month later, all the PS3ers who love the game will be buying and playing them as well.

It's a fact... but go ahead and cry all you want about 15 dollars. Save up, and don't buy a couple value meals for a while. Or just don't buy. Either way, it doesn't matter.

SuperbVillain2914d ago

um,actually midnighter,from what I read the "new maps" are just canceled maps that didn't make the cut,as long as people like you keep supporting this they will always be successful,so props to you for making the greedy giant even richer

antz11042914d ago


"The Majority" will be buying it? I think not my friend. I'll stick to Array and WMD where people will actually be playing.

Killzone3Helghast2914d ago

Battlefield: Vietnam is what you call new content(and thats the same price as the whole CODBO map pack, sad aint it?) gtfo

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egidem2914d ago

1200 MSP??? isn't it like 15 bucks??? That is quite frankly a lot of money to pay for maps. For 15 bucks I can get myself a copy of The Orange Box....5 incredible games on one disc which alone would trump this map packs. It is unfair to compare such a critically acclaimed cheap game collection to a map packs belonging to a broken game like Black Ops.

xinFAMOUSx2914d ago

$15.00 bucks is not that bad maybe I dont see the big deal because I have money

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mrv3212914d ago

Typical speaking smart people are rich, your rich yet judging by your disrespect for both wallet and to a lesser extent justice ( dramatic I know )

How come a FULL game that is downloadable costs too much at $15 YES 5 maps which where allready built, no new engine or feature is fine?

HolyOrangeCows2914d ago

"$15.00 bucks is not that bad maybe I dont see the big deal because I have money"

I have the money, but why would I spend $15 on a few canceled maps when I could get several amazing full games on Xbox LIVE for an equal or lesser amount?

RIP_Weazel2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

With a comment that displays that much social ignorance, I guess that the reason you have money is because basement living with your folks hasn't dented your pocket-money.
Most folks balance want vs needs carefully, regardless of capital available.
Anything else is just childish stupidity /naivety. This 'shop-soiled' collection of maps should have been a free incentive for all early-purchasers leading to a fully considered cost justified addition later.

mrv321 - I know plenty of college professors who are constantly on the edge of financial oblivion. I also know true jelly-heads who are somehow massively wealthy. I think it's more a combination of factors, not just IQ.

frostypants2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

You seem to understand the fundamentals of economic behavior, so let me ask you this:

Given that Black Ops has been one of the fastest selling games of all time, why *should* they have offered these maps as a "free incentive"? They clearly had no need to offer such an incentive. You offer an incentive to convince people to purchase a product...but to offer an incentive to people who you know are going to buy it anyway is foolish.

It's a business, not a charity. And Activision is a corporation, not some indie outfit. Why are people so surprised?

You could choose to just not buy it. Are you saying they owe it to you?

Why *SHOULD* have it been free? I've yet to see anyone give any reason that boiled down to anything beyond "just cuz".

If you don't like it, protest with your wallets. If you buy it anyway, clearly Activision was right...

I'm not saying I like this as a gamer, but as a realist, well..."it is what it is".

hooper472914d ago

how about making it free for people who have stuck with this game even though its dame near unplayable because its so broken..thats called compensation and i believe we are entitled to some kind of compensation after paying 60,80, or 150 dollars for the game and it dont work

RIP_Weazel2914d ago

frostypants: Yup, I know, but the ascension of profit margin above consumer still frustrates me. The idealist in me would still like to believe that some companies still do it for 'the art', but this has fast become a nostalgic pipe dream.
(naive, I know.)

Keltik822914d ago

You make yourself sound like a complete douche.

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Ducky2914d ago

... MS points is becoming a new currency.

GodsHand2914d ago

I prefer space cash myself.

mrv3212914d ago

I wish I had more latinum.

RustInPeace2914d ago

Spa... Space cash? Guy, do you know anything about any space cash? No? Sorry, guys. No space cash here.

RankFTW2914d ago

1 bar of gold pressed latinum.

mrv3212914d ago

Trekkers unite!

My favourite series has to be DS9 or maybe TOS.

hamburger1232914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Its so funny

Xbox people have to pay for live, the game and now the maps also cost 1200 points.

MGRogue20172914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

... We get fun? And paying for Xbox Live brings us more people to have fun with?

Edit: @ below, then block 'em.

@ SolidSackboyDrake, Dude.. I have both consoles, I ain't missing out on nothing. (Xbox 360 250GB Reach Edition, 250GB PS3 slim) :)

hamburger1232914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

yeah those 12 year old kids are realy funny when they shout in your ear...

GodofSackboy2914d ago

You also get stuff like 24 players max in a game instead of 256 players in a game + many games with 60+ players in a game, missing out on a web browser, the best downloadable games like Flower, Fl0w and Journey, and more people have PSN than Live because it's free. And the Live price got hiked in November

Enjoy Kinectimals 2 =P

Iamback2914d ago

I don't have 360 but they pay for XBL to have better service and better connection. Personally i wouldn't pay but they do and that's fine with me.
Second we PS3 owners will also pay for those maps in case you didn't know.

hamburger1232914d ago

killzone 2 had great connection

32 players on one map and no lag

only with shitty games like COD you have lag and all that shit

Iamback2914d ago

u can't compare first party game vs third party. I was speaking of 3rd party. Every 3rd party game has better connection on 360. That's a fact. I dislike 360 but i am not going to be blind when it comes to facts.

antz11042914d ago

Good comment man.

LOL at the fanboy disagrees; like ps3 users dont have to pay for the dlc.

AllroundGamer2914d ago

@antz1104 well after all the crap and problems with the PS3 version we should get those maps for free... i still don't play online cause the new spawning system is even worse than before, the gameplay is now more chaotic than before... Treyarch - the developer noobs.

antz11042914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

@Allaround gamer oh don't get me wrong. Im a 360 owner and I think you guys completely got screwed. You should get it for free w/ all the B.S. you've endured since the launch, and now the "patch-gate" incident. Im just saying that 360 does have a good connection, and that lamback prob did get disagrees b/c ppl don't like being told the obvious: its the same amount of money on both consoles, so the 360 membership shouldn't even come into it.

But like I said I agreed with your comment (literally): I just got the Force Unleashed 2 DLC for $1. Any more than that and I wouldn't have gotten it. Same here.

RedRedSuitSDF2914d ago

Yep, and those who are playing on the PS3, will pay just as much for these maps as we do on the 360,.. AND get the maps LATE and after us who get it on the 360. :)

P1NKY2914d ago

Yes, PS3 owners will have to pay for these maps but I bet most of them wont be paying full price.

For example... If I were to buy these maps for lets say £9.99 I could then share them with 4 other friends, with each person paying there share, so in the end the maps only cost me £1.99. Whereas everyone on XBL has to pay full price.

By the way I will not be buying these maps.

jessupj2914d ago

Correction, you have laggy P2P online matches.

I have games with dedicated servers, a much superior conection.

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