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SarcasticGamer - As the 2010 year comes to a close in less than two weeks, everyone now has time to reflect on the important things of the last 12 months like their worst hangover, annulled marriages, and their top favorite games. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do the same, because I know everyone cares about my opinion on video games (and by everyone, I mean exactly 2 readers).

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Matthew942914d ago

I would say RDR was better than Black Ops.

toaster2914d ago

I would say anything was better than Black Ops. Any top ten of 2010 list with Blops is instafail.

Lucky12914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

The title of this post was meant to include my name, because this is what _I_ feel were my top 10. If you didn't like Black Ops, then that's your opinion as well.

-Mezzo-2914d ago

Ohh, so you wrote it, i thought about not changing anything, i removed your name and added (SG) because i thought it would get approved easily.


-Mezzo-2914d ago

I,d Say, God of War III is certainly the most deserving of the first spot.

Lucky12914d ago

Heavy Rain wasn't my type of game, it bore me and was tedious. And if you actually read the list and saw it was based off what I played, I did not own an Xbox 360, so therefore have not played Mass Effect 2.


first time ive seen gow 3 and dance central on the same list

Valay2914d ago

I still have a ton of gaming to catch up on!

xtremexx2914d ago

wish i had money to buy games lol

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The story is too old to be commented.