Nathan Fillion to be Nathan Drake – Uncharted Movie Petition

Confused by the title? Internet users, and gamers, are apparently ever the optimists, as a group of gamers have come together to start a petition to get the Uncharted character Nathan Drake, who is currently set to be played by Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming movie, replaced with Nathan Fillion of Firefly and more recently, Halo, fame.

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Wizziokid2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

if they want to cast the perfect Drake then this is your guy if not, get anyone because you obviously didn't play the games.


TabbyBW2742d ago

Agreed, Wahlberg is a terrible choice.

I_find_it_funny2742d ago

yea we all agree and nothings gonna change

thereapersson2742d ago

Fillion would be PERFECT for the role. If anyone has seen Firefly, or even Serenity, you would know that he has the brash attitude and sarcastic sense or humor that Drake is famous for.

Fillion is more a believable "every-day" action hero than Wahlberg, IMO.

Focker4202742d ago

I absolutely hate this guy. If he plays Nathan Drake then I will never play another Uncharted ever again. Ever. Thats how much I hate him. His voice is very monotone and hes not a good actor. I mean I would suggest the guy from Bones b4 this guy, and I absolutely hate Bones.

I mean no Wahlberg is not a good choice, but hes 1000 times better than this guy. At least he can act and wouldn't turn Uncharted into a wholesome cheese-fest. He does not have the talent to pull off Nathan Drake's persona. Especially in an action flick.

toaster2742d ago

While Fillion is a great actor - I've watched Firefly looonnggg before people knew about it - I think Fillion might be a bit too old to play Drake. When you think about it Drake looks like he's in his twenties, maybe early thirties. Fillion looks to be late thirties, of course the film's timeline could take place after the games but for a recreation of the games on the big screen, I don't think Fillion fits the role of a young adventurer.

Wizziokid2742d ago

I watched firefly when it started and I still watch it, I still say he is the perfect drake, nothing some make-up can't fix.

Bring back firefly is one of my most wanted things in relation to TV/Movie

Sitris2742d ago

your mad lol

Fillion is THE choice, i too also knew of him in Firefly!

gillri2742d ago

Drake isnt in his twenties

I reckon he's early 30's,

EddyD2742d ago

How can he not be the perfect Drake? He even has the same name! What more do you need? :P

ARamirez00522742d ago

As far as age, Mark Wahlberg and Nathan Fillion are actually the same age, 39. Nathan Fillion is older by about 2 months, according to Wiki anyway. So age can't be a reason for not having him or not. And if you've seen Castle, the show he is on now, he acts the same way Drake does. More or less anyway

NoBias2742d ago

Nathan Fillion is not too old to play the role. Harrison Ford was 39 when he first played Indiana Jones.

It would be the same for Fillion (He's 39).

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gon-freaks2742d ago

I still find this petition to be rly pointless..

HD_GAMER19892742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

yeah its pointless but its worth a try. we as gamers arent asking for much accept the director to listen to the fans if i was sony id say if he doesnt get more on track to the uncharted storyline that we all know, he can change the movies name to tomb raider with a guy. Mark wahlberg as a cop looking for vengeance is believable. Mark wahlberg as a sarcastic easy going treasure hunter not believable at all. you need to understand gamers are not easy to fool this movie will flop if you dont start listening to the fans. this movie isn't an original idea only fans that will see this will be fans of the uncharted series. treasure hunting has been done many times laura croft, indiana jones, national treasure and so on.stick to the plot of uncharted its already original hence why its won many awards.

what i feel is happening to this potential best movie ever, makes me absolutely sick. from what i hear hes even changing the storyline like wtf. honestly in my head i cannot picture this movie working as long as it has mark in it. and if it turns out good its going to be nothing like the uncharted series we all love. esp because drake is just a normal guy pushed into heroism. Mark wahlberg is a pure badass action hero. thats just the way we know him.

All this talk about how this director hasnt made a bad movie says nothing. movies based on video games is whole different story. directors seem to like to piss on the gamers. its like they assume the average non gamer is more important then people who actually support naughty dogs work and play and enjoy theyre games . its pure bs if you ask me.

(signed) ps other good actors to consider Chris Pine from star trek would be awesome, ryan reynolds (prob to busy with green lantern)

Lord_Doggington2742d ago

ugh i remember this. the fact that he doesn't know who he is shows his detachment from the industry

Christopher2742d ago

Nathan Fillion was the perfect Drake 10 years ago. He's now almost 40 (next year) and has relaxed himself in the last 3 years.

Getting him on board for a movie like this would require a lot of working out and training that would take away from his current Castle TV production.

It just won't happen unless Castle suddenly gets canceled, which doesn't seem likely considering he's one of the main reasons people watch the show in the first place.

My problem is that we _know_ Wahlberg doesn't have the personality to play Drake. His mannerisms are completely off, his joking style just isn't there, and he doesn't even really look like Drake. Watch his comedy styling in the recent The Other Guys, it just isn't even in the same ball park as the one-liner dropping Drake.

I would much rather they utilize the Naughty Dog team to help find an unknown, or even a known, to fill the role rather than just throwing a known face behind the role. Heck, why not make Wahlberg the evil guy in the film? He'd do really well at that, IMHO.

NeoBasch2742d ago

No, the perfect Drake is Nolan North. I mean, come on, he actually... you know, plays Nathan Drake in the video games. Why not let him play Drake in the movie too?

You'd think this would be a no-brainer.

AEtherbane2742d ago

watch firefly or Serenity and you'll instantly think Nathan is perfect.
He has the perfect personality for the character, plus he's much better that Whalberg at acting

HD_GAMER19892742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

A thing i dont understand about video games to movies is why does the director feel he has to change the story like why cant they treat it like books to movies. like dont get me wrong i know books to movies aren't the best sometimes but at least they mostly stick to the original plot line.

like seriously why call it uncharted why name the main character drake when your going to pretend drake had parents in the video games and bull crap like that. hes a descendant of Sir Francis Drake he looks for treasure for reasons of fascinations with historic events and rare items. He doesnt accept that he is a hero he just does what he feels is right.he doesnt enjoy gun fights just knows its necessary to uncover the truth.

its obvious the director believes as long as he stacks the movie cast with well known names the movie will be success, to bad the directors story plans and lack of knowledge of the uncharted video game series will lead to another video game to movie flop.

its really a shame if you ask me, but this is typical hollywood bullshit. personally with developers with integrity and morals the gaming industry is nothing like hollywood.

big difference they actually listen to their fan base.

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MGRogue20172742d ago


Let's make it happen!

EddyD2742d ago

Would be cool to see this happen, but lets face it this director is mentally unstable.

Killer62742d ago

Completely agreed, read the previous post on that site where the director says he's "turned on" by his story, crazy.

Matthew942742d ago


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