5 Games To Ruin Christmas

Want a crappy December 25th? Crack these out and horrify the family.

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Buff10442736d ago

At least four of the five games are enjoyable. Not amused.

acky12736d ago

1. Call of Duty Black Ops
2. Halo Reach
3. Alan Wake
4. Crackdown 2
5. Fable 3
Sony 'til I die

seraphcaeli2736d ago

haha trollololololo police!!

Bluemaster772736d ago

lol lame ! get em all dude or youll be missing out

antz11042736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Wow 5 bubs? What account are you on now? 2nd? 3rd? Definately your loss, Oh and Blops was on sony.

This list is kinda lame.

That_Genius2736d ago

Haha had to give you a bubble just for the Sony 'til I die part...made me laugh...

Any who...strange descriptions for why they would ruin the holiday...still I heard Dance Central is really fun and looks pretty fun too.

TheDeadMetalhead2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

"1. Call of Duty Black Ops
2. Halo Reach"

Well yeah, I kind of agre--

"3. Alan Wake"

Get out of here, boy.

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Dr_Nefarious2736d ago

It'd be nice if the site was user friendly and not some mumbo jumbo mess that looks like Tryerch could've made it for the ps3. If anybody can decipher that mess could you please let me know what the 5 games are that ruined christmas.

000000000000000000012736d ago

The article that ruin Christmas, what a waste of time.

Wizziokid2736d ago

isn't it really down to age group and preference, seriously this article is just stupid, people prefer different type of games, I know that might be a shock horror but it's true..

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