Ex-Rockstar San Diego employee blogs about poor working conditions

Whether or not this blog entry is the whole truth or credible remains to be seen. Supposedly written by a former Senior Environment Artist on Red Dead Redemption at Rockstar Games, he explains “Life at Rockstar Games.”

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Urmomlol2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

This doesn't surprise me. I've worked closely with Rockstar before and have never been impressed with the way they operate. Especially their PR people --whoo that was a nightmare.

Sitris2917d ago

I too have experienced the 'PR' for Rockstar, the were royal A**holes.

I_find_it_funny2917d ago

what a bullshit website, how about a link to a original blog, I don't want to read someone's bullshit comments on the matter.

CrzyFooL2916d ago

An "Undead Nightmare"? :-p

I've heard working at Rockstar NY is cool. I dunno bout SD

The Matrix2916d ago

Now get back to work and don't come out of your office until the sequel to Red Dead is finished!

The Matrix2916d ago

"Ex-Rockstar San Diego employee blogs about poor working conditions"

Rumor status: Hopefully

pr0digyZA2917d ago

I won't have prejudgments while this remains a rumour, I'm just wondering why they don't leave seeing as they make some of the best games, I'm sure they could find work quite easily.

RememberThe3572917d ago

The guy mentions that. He talked about how people thought that working conditions weren't really better than anywhere else and that being able to just say that you worked for Rockstar made it worth it.

It's almost sad to read this article.

Lich1202916d ago

Its sad but its getting to the point where the gaming industry needs labor unions similar to film before it spirals out of control.

There are plenty of great studios to work for, the problem is it's usually not the well know ones.

sukas2917d ago

Rockstar should get a award for the worst developer of the year.

I like GTA and all there ohter games but this is no the price worth.

galgor2917d ago

There have been similar stories to this about rockstar in the past. It's no bloody wonder their games take years to come out!

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The story is too old to be commented.