PS3 UK CHART: GT5 beats out Black Ops

Sony's Gran Turismo 5 holds on to the top spot on this week's UKIE/GfK-ChartTrack PS3 chart, fending off competition from overall Christmas number one Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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nix2832d ago

...and such is life! q:

thereapersson2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Obviously UK gamers have better taste.

@ Raendom (below)

Hah, well at least you're honest. :)

Raendom2832d ago

@thereapersson, no we don't. Black Ops, CoD MW2 still sold stupidly high in the UK alone. Kinect sold out. "Just Dance" is no. 1 on a lot of retail websites.

Clearly we're idiots, but there are TIMES when we pick up the better game.

mastiffchild2832d ago

I'm with Raendom. We Brits are possibly the most dim gaming nation on the planet. When a good game sells well it's the exception to the shovelware rule. This is the land of Singstar and Just Dance remember.

99% of the time being English is just embarrassing.

fear882832d ago

At least your not American. Obama Chia-Pet was instant facepalm for most Americans.

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MNicholas2832d ago

suffered a complete cultural collapse.

Matthew942832d ago

Well the hubub from Black Ops has died down.

Black ops sells mostly in US. GT5 sells everywhere.

norman292832d ago

Counldt agree more with the about 2 comments

Ilikegames762832d ago

I love GT5 and hate shooters.

Imalwaysright2832d ago

You hate it because its a bad game or because you were stupid enough to buy it?

Silly gameAr2832d ago

If you were stupid enough to buy it, you should hate yourself.

Imalwaysright2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Its called transference and its a defense mechanism.

karl2832d ago

bubbles 4 everyone who hates cod!!

line up!

phinch2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I was annoyed at myself for falling for the hype and buying black ops, but glad i had it to trade in towards GT5 :)

XRider2832d ago

You guys hate Black Ops and CoD because you're PS3 fanboys. Who are you trying to fool?

Dark_Overlord2832d ago

I liked the SP story, but the MP is a complete mess and does not work for me, what I hate is Treyarchs big FU to PS3 owners

Ilikegames762832d ago

We just don't like mindless shooters. PS3 is not the only console most of us owns.

Koolno2832d ago

The xbox fanboy is just ignoring the fact that cod is multiplatform :)

and if you love cod, it's probably because you don't have better fps to play "xbox fanboy, who are you trying to fool".

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Vherostar2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Also sports champions is in there and Kinect sports isn't.. Just another side point.. Considering sports champions been out over a month longer.. In fact not 1 Kinect title there..

Dlacy13g2832d ago

It's a PS3 only chart they quoted in the article.

Vherostar2832d ago

DUH! How could I miss that.. LOL Been one of those months.. LOL...

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