Uncharted 3 'not being forced' to use Move

Sony doesn't go against our judgement, says Naughty Dog

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Iamback2736d ago

good, keep MOVE away from core games like Uncharted, Infamous, etc.
But give me move games like SportsC. Sorcery and this can't wait to see it in action

JoeReno2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Too late for that. Its already in core games. KZ3, & Socom4 come to mind. I respect that you might not want to move with your favorite games, but its really just an option for those that do.

They didnt say it wouldnt be in UC3

Id love to see move support in InFamous2. Sounds like it could be great fun.

thereapersson2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

What's wrong with having the OPTION to use Move? You aren't forced to use it in Killzone 3, but at least the option is there for those who would like a different, more precise way of aiming.

BTW, the game you linked in that picture is a cancelled project called "Redwood Falls".

Sitris2736d ago

how do you know it was canned? Source?

thereapersson2736d ago

Well, it's on "indefinite hiatus", but with the way things are going this generation, it most likely means the game will never come out.

Speaking of games that were never released, I really wish "Exodus" -- an old PsOne game that looked really promising -- would have been finished. Ever since I saw the "secret" trailer on the old demo disc that came with my Playstation back in '97, I wanted more!

Haro2736d ago

PS Move SUPPORT (not mandatory) in Uncharted 3 is perfectly fine. Anyone who believes ADDITIONAL support for an accessory that does not affect the game in ANY way for the standard DS3 is not properly informed and just flat out crazy!

UC3 is a third person action adventure shooter with great interactive gameplay elements. It will most likely be a huge plus to showcase it with the PS Move and would definitely increase it's audience & sales along with immersiveness.

I think I have read on here that it was sort of under ground confirmed to be already implemented in UC3 as it stands. I can't wait for it!

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Anarki2736d ago

Why? having move support doesn't affect the dualshock

karl2736d ago

well .. maybe naughty dog thinks thats how the game should be played the get the more joy out of it..

i support all core games with move.. but i also trust the devs judgement...

Bathyj2736d ago

Move would be awesome if used right, like with any shooting game.

But if ND dont want to do it then Sony is wise not to force them

MarcusFenixITA2736d ago

Haven't played MOVE yet. But why not - as long you can switch between standard controls and move controls.

Rainstorm812736d ago

I dont understand why people are against OPTIONAL Move support....

If it doesnt hurt the game, and its implemented well whats the big deal...

Look at NBA2K11....Great sports game maybe the best of this gen and it has optional move support which IMO is Horrid. But does it hurt the game at all???

More choices for the consumer to use this motion device the better.....That what people bought it for.

BTW id never play Uncharted with move..DS3 only for that game.

Baka-akaB2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

People love to believe the time spent on move takes away extras and time from the "core" version .

When in fact you aint getting anything extra without move or 3d support .
It's not nearly as time consuming to add as people believe , especially for a gathering of sony first party studios sharing tech within each others .

It's a frickin controller , what extra time do you want it to take ?

Philoctetes2736d ago

I could see Move working out okay in a game like Uncharted. Just so they keep it optional.

Iamback2736d ago

Nope that isn't Redwood Crap. That game was in MOVE promo videos last year. One of Sonys European studios is working on it

State of Matter2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Translation, sixaxis is a silly gimmick, and move is a half hearted grab @ some of that Wii money, we here at naughty dog have clout to say no to Sony, they need us more than we need them, we could easily make Uncharted just as good on 360 if Sony gets out of line.

So no we wont be crapping up our masterpiece with such trash as sixaxis and move.

mastiffchild2736d ago

"they need us more than we need them? would be curious for a company already owned entirely BY Sony, wouldn't it? How would optional move controls ruin anything anyway?

TANUKI2736d ago

Yea, I want to see that game in that link, too...!

Kon_Artist 2736d ago

dude. move would be fun in infamous. but idk how the aiming would work.

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rrw2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Sony is the most developer friendly among 3 Console company.

Consider sony developer like Naughty dog and insomniac is always rivaling each other and helping each other to achieve highest standard. is the best Developer environment.

Nintendo and MS to certain extent Big publisher like Activision and EA must follow what Sony have done to their developer in order to make Game industry better, not just firing everybody and only chasing money.

State of Matter2736d ago

Huh? Sony is doing all the following this gen sir, sadly.

MS is doing the leading, and Nintendo led with motion gaming, all Sony has done all this gen is follow. It was MS who started the whole put the developers first in gaming, thats what xbox was all about, making it easier for developers to make great games, thus insuring better outcomes in gaming.

Sony has gotten better but they are still a difficult and slow group to work with, unless your already in like Naughty D.

mastiffchild2736d ago

So, Sony didn't have mtoion controls this gen at launch AND last gen with Eyetoy? They were looking into them earlier than anyone, arguably. The biggest direct rip off this gen was MS avatars ripping off Miis, imho.

Fact is they all feed off each other and Sony innovate best when they allow their first party studios to share tech and working ideas and methods-it's one advantage they DO have.

You could even say the architecture(cell etc)of the PS3 was more forward thinking than the internals of either of the other consoles. I'm not saying Ninty and MS don't innovate as they both do(Ninty with the level of motion integration and MS with the on line side of console gaming for example)but to say Sony ONLY follow when they've experimented a lot this generation(what about Home? Like it or not it's a new idea/step for consoles)is plain unfair in my eyes. They all rip and they all innovate.

State of Matter2736d ago


I dont think sony only followed in previous gens, only in this one, yes they had home first, but it was such a lame idea that no one has copied it. The sixaxis was from what I understand only added to try and keep up with ninty and because they refused to add rumble.

As for eyetoy, well that one is close, its almost a lead except no one bothered to follow it, the only reason MS made kinect is because of Nintendos example in motion control, again Sonys lame execution of eyetoy made it invisible to the world. The similarities between kinect and eyetoy are purely coincidental, especially since MS acquired the base technology from a third party, and when you closely examine both technologies it is clear that kinect is VERY different from eyetoy. Wii and Move however are pretty much the same thing, move is just more accurate and in HD. Move is the most blatant rip off of this gen, not avatars.

I would say the center button on the 360 controller being ripped off by Sony is the second. The concept of multiple skus ripped off from MS by Sony even after they said the idea was silly would be third, and finally there is a long list of online ideas that Sony ripped directly from MS.

rrw2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Well let see.

MS copying sony tactic by slimming their xbox.

Forza has created because they want to have they own GT.

Build in Wifi like ps3 been put on xbox.

Sure we copy rumble function form xbox where previos dual shock have rumble too.

we can say that Move is very different form wii becouse move work by PSeye tracking light from move ball

and how we copy multiple SKU. sony only one SKU with different HDD but MS have multiple SKU each one have Different HDD.

at least sony have more original idea about they type of gaming. range form cinematic movie experience of uncharted to custom build level community LBP to artistic Last guardian.

tell me xbox exclusives game that are not shooter racing and party game. tell me a game form xbox that have original idea or design

SonyNGP2736d ago

I'm not against Move-supported games, but I wanna see more stuff of its own rather than become optional peripheral for games.

JoeReno2736d ago

it always will have games of its own, and games with the option. I personally think its the most wise route for Sony to have taken with Move

Stealth20k2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Good leave the casual gimmicks that add nothing to gaming to shovelware and away from the real games

Motion controls have never made the controls of a game better.

Taker_1292736d ago

Obviously you havent used the Move, because it does make game controls better.

JoeReno2736d ago

I disagree. I think MAG with Move is great. Brought fresh air to an 8month old game. I prefer it to the DS all day.

Baka-akaB2736d ago

why bother ? he disagreed with it before even trying it , wich he probably didnt .

ChilliDemon2736d ago

Racquet games are more suited to motion controllers such as the Move than the DS3, IMO. And, yes, I HAVE played with both methods. I understand what you're saying, but absolute statements such as yours are rarely accurate.

Redempteur2736d ago

i got sackboy prehistoric moves , tumble , heavy rain , sports champions and eyepet .

Move is precise and incredible .. simple as that .

The only people who say otherwise are those who haven't tried it .

State of Matter2736d ago

I agree with Stealth, I love my Kinect but motion belongs separate from the real gaming. This is why I like the way MS is starting off, they are keeping the motion control stuff mostly casual. Now because so many idiots are complaining that there are no hardcore kinect games MS will likely change this soon, but they should ignore the whining media and keep kinect casual. No one wants to play gears of war by waving their arms around like an idiot.

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White-Sharingan2736d ago

I wouldn't mind if it had move option, it's only optional.

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