Why Every Gamer Should See Tron: Legacy

GamerZines writes:

Tron: Legacy is currently lighting up the box office charts but why should gamers in particular feel compelled to go see it at their local multiplex?

The answer is closer to home than you would think.

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Chaostar2864d ago

Saw it at the Imax, awesome stuff, especially loved the soundtrack, hats off to Daft Punk.

visualb2864d ago

@ Chaostar

you mean helmets off ;)

yeah I love tron just because I love pretty graphics and gaming related stuff.

as a movie its all meh, but as a visual spectacle it must be epic (the 80's one was!)

will check it out =) not going for the story or the cinematic art....just going for the neon lights and super awesome sound effects

Downtown boogey2864d ago

It's not all meh! The feeling the film induces is unique and THAT is rare as hell! And it's almost exclusive for gamers, too, as it's us that understand the nature of A.I. The brutality, the cold calculative behavior. Other people might see the likes of Clu as just equal characters.

FarEastOrient2864d ago

I'm surprised that I liked it, I didn't Tron was that good in the 80s but it still held a special place. Star Wars and The Last Starfighter had bigger places in my heart.

Cajun Chicken2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Brilliant film, saw it Saturday night. Loved every minute of it, big fan of the first film and (now not canon) Tron 2.0 game.

Soundtrack was spectacular to hear in the cinema as expected by Daft Punk who went in a total opposite direction than I expected. I just loved the end credit theme so much.

Lot darker film than the last one though, not just simple good vs evil. I really hope we get a sequel, the uncredited cameo may lead to that.

AEtherbane2864d ago

it's an excellent film, everyone should see it, not just gamers
(But see the original first!)

SuperKing2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Probablys get this on bluray. Hate going to cinemas with those damn sticky seats and overpriced snacks.

sjaakiejj2864d ago

Lol take your own snacks, that's what I do.

Saw it last friday, really enjoyed it :)

sdtarm2864d ago

true but i dont think there is any solution for the sticky seats Lol

Baka-akaB2864d ago

bring a top cover/blanket ? lol

sjaakiejj2864d ago

Hehe, although the sticky seats just depend on where you live. Don't know what happens to the seats in America (and don't know if I want to know lol).

Baka-akaB2864d ago

true , here it's rather clean , even if the room arent big , nor with any imax available anytime soon .

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Downtown boogey2864d ago

DO NOT WAIT TILL BLU-RAY (or DVD...)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sound effects are amazing and the 3-D is perfect for the setting!! The seats are are literally trembling from the bass frequencies when the bigger ships are in close vicinity. It's awesome!

soundslike2864d ago

woops disagreed on accident, i agree.

3-D or NOTHING. This movie is made for 3-D theaters with big ass subwoofers and giant screens. Home theaters short of half a mil in budget wont do it justice.

Call_me_Ishmael2864d ago

im gonna go catch it later this week

DaBadGuy2864d ago

Saw it already, tried to get into IMAX 3D but was sold out, so I wound up seeing it in regular 3D, it was still good.

I really love both Tron movies and I would like to see them make another one but if they never do I'm more than happy with how Tron Legacy turned out.

R_aVe_N2864d ago

I have to say I was not expecting much when I went to see the movie. I was blown away by how well the sound track alone was done for the movie. The 3D is the best I have seen in a movie so far. I give mad props to Disney on this movie.

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