Mario Galaxy 2 is Edge's Game of the Year

The little plumber gets another 2010 vote

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gillri2864d ago

worthy winner but mine would be ME2, after that Heavy Rain

Yi-Long2864d ago

... I think I can agree with Edge's choice for GOTY, cause it's just 3d platforming excellence and pure fun as a game.

It's sad to see that the 360 and PS3 kinda lack this kinda game, with the possible exception of maybe the excellent Ratchet and Clank series (although I feel that's a very different game to Mario...)

NeoBasch2864d ago

A little game called LittleBigPlanet comes to mind, but, whatever, we'll just sweep that under the rug. ; )

FinalSpartan2864d ago

"Its me mariiiiooo!, I owned 2010 no match " :P

2864d ago
christheredhead2864d ago

galaxy 2 is my game of the year. I've poured way to many hours into that game.

Samus HD2864d ago

galaxy 2 is the best Game of ALL time (at least top 3 :D)

matey2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

galaxy 2 is the best game ive ever played but i play goldeneye more as thats MP but Galaxy2 is the most impressive game on any console its perfect ME2 isnt perfect galaxy is a master class in how to make a platformer and i cant wait 4 Galaxy 3 and also mario on 3DS

PlayerX2864d ago

Honestly there are no real flaws in Mario Galaxy 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.