MediaKick Review: Def Jam Rapstar

MediaKick writes:

"Standing on stage, in front of thousands of die-hard hip hop fans, the lights shining in your eyes. You pull your hood over your head, raise the mic to your lips and lay down some earth-shattering rhymes. Unfortunately for me, Def Jam Rapstar has proven just how difficult a scenario that would be and just how far out of reach it really is."

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Urmomlol2890d ago

Someone want to explain to me how a review of a OLD game got 50 degrees?

Oh wait, it might be because this web site heat spams their way to the front page. Not a single one of their articles has been below 50 degrees.

All you journalists out there who get pissed when your articles get kicked off the front page by crap? Now you know who to get pissed off at.

djhsecondnature2890d ago

Firstly, this is hardly old. The game was released just three weeks ago in the UK.

Secondly, not all articles for MediaKick are posted, only the ones deemed relevant for N4G. It's hardly us spamming to the front page as we just don't have the staff to do that, so I'd say that it's people clicking on the links, but you know that would be crazy wouldn't it.

Urmomlol2890d ago

You're fooling no one but yourself. But please, keep denying the obvious. Listening to your lies is amusing.

djhsecondnature2890d ago

Hardly fooling anyone but do as you please.

Just realise though that your high number of ignores must be due to something, and I'm going to guess it's you.