LittleBigPlanet 2 spreading to PSP?

Eurogamer: The first whispers of LittleBigPlanet 2 heading to PSP have been heard.

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SnakeMustDie2891d ago

If they are going to release a psp version of lbp2, they must at least implement multiplayer. The first suffered because of the lack of it.

sinncross2890d ago

So agreed with this!

MP could also help the game in Japan where MP on portables is quite the in thing.

49erguy2890d ago

But you have to admit, the lack of MP forced them to make an EXCELLENT SP. I loved it!

SnakeMustDie2890d ago

The first LBP indeed had a great SP. But what made LBP fun is the multiplayer function that you can have with your family/friends. That fun with your family/friends doesn't exist with the lack of MP in the first one compared to the PS3 version.

49erguy2890d ago

You're absolutely right if you put it that way. I'm still buying it, with or without MP. I don't know how they'd implement it though.

jay22890d ago

Should be a PSP 2 launch title like at least the new Mortal Kombat is.

remanutd552890d ago

LBP 2 must be a PSP 2 launch title like the rumored Uncharted game , and it must have all full PSN functionalities just like LBP 2 on the PS3

Ratchet5102890d ago

I know they will have a LBP PSP2 launch game, sony has frist-party developers making games for PSP2 so i wont be suprised. Like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker 2 will be PSP2 launch game.

remanutd552890d ago

how you know that? or is it that you are assuming it ?

Ratchet5102890d ago

Lol it is not rocket science to figure out what sony plans are. as a loyalty hardcore sony fan it is obvious because MGS Peace Walker will continue. All hardcore sony fans know what i know, Naughty-dog had an interview about uncharted psp2 and they said, will we see a uncharted game on psp2. He said i wont comment about what we have plans for. Read at dawn said they are done with psp, that means psp2 god of war. Sony first parties will deliver great games. Do u understand what i am saying.

remanutd552890d ago

funny thing when you say hardcore sony fans btw i've met Hideo Kojima ( twice at the MGS4 and pre E3 MGS Peace Walker event ) , Evan Wells , Ted Price , Stig Asmussen , David Jaffe, Jeff Rubenstein , Richard Marks,Christina Lee and even Hip Hop gamer ( funny character ) back at E3, on playstation meet ups and on MGS launch events , i had a brief conversation with Ted Price about Resistance 3 ( which he told me and another friend that the game was coming but they were not ready to announced at the time ) perhaps because sony wanted to focus on Killzone 3 ( which btw Ted played next to me at the booths ) , and i talked to Evan Wells about Uncharted 3 but he didnt say anything about a psp version , he did say something about U3 , oh i forgot i've met 4 of the cast members of last year Tester season too , they pretty kool people , talk about hardcore sony fans my friend? so i guess i will see you at the playstation blog pre E3 event next year? hey if you are going then send me a PM so i can add you on facebook then you'll see what im talking about lol , btw assuming and knowing are 2 different things man and yes i do understand what u r saying