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"echochrome ii is a unique PlayStation Move title in which players control light and solve the puzzles with the shadows cast. Featuring the same art style as the original, echochrome ii takes the basic gameplay elements from the original game and further enhances them. Will you be able to get to the goal or will your shadow fall?" - JPS

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slinky1234562743d ago

been waiting for ever for this to release... be downloading it when update happens. Does anyone know if there is a discount for it if you have PS+, like Dead Nation had?

xxxprettiboyxxx2743d ago

No discount but it'll be 14.99

& only one more day I just can't wait

The demo was great really looking forward to the create mode

ShinnokDrako2743d ago

I'm really looking forward for this game!! I hope there are enough levels to justify the price.... i don't really care about the creating mode, i want a lot of levels since the day 1.

-Alpha2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Why don't you care about the user content? That alone offers a ton of levels to justify the price.

It has over 100 developer levels btw

ShinnokDrako2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I don't really care simply because i can't play a lot in this period and when i have time i prefer playing things "already done" (about me i mean, if other ppl create great levels even better =P). With more time available, probably i would appreciate more that feature.

MightyMark4272743d ago

can't wait for it to come out tomorrow!