IGN: Conan hands-on, trailer and screens

IGN recently had the opportunity to sit down with some folks from Nihilistic, where IGN received a hands-on demonstration of newly revealed levels and, additionally, a brand new boss battle. And while there are obviously still unfinished elements in the game, Nihilistic has been making excellent progress from what IGN have seen, and the demonstration was quite impressive.

The game will contain an estimated fourteen levels, and the developers predict that Conan will take between eight to twelve hours to complete. According to the developers, there will be over twenty maidens throughout the game that Conan can rescue in order to prolong his quest. And while, as of right now, they have no importance for the overall narrative, their (lack of) clothing will likely motivate gamers to seek them out. The developers insisted that two main elements made Howard's stories stand out back in the day: gore and women. It seems they've included both elements in abundance.

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Especially after looking at these vids. This game is really starting to come along wrather well. If you compare these vids to the vids that first came out on this game, the visuals have improved drastically.

There is still some work to be done, but in keeping with Frank Frazetta's artistic style, I think they have done a great job so far. I think I will be picking this up. Not because I think It will be the greatest game, but I am a Conan fan, and the game looks like it will be fun for me.

Hollywood813720d ago

WHY WHY WHY do developer add "colored sparks" to games like this? It makes it look like you hit people with roman candles and not brutal weapons. A blood splatter would look 100 times better!!!


Thought it would be to dark and dreary, I personally agree with you
but, I guess thats how they want it