Top 5 Original Downloadable Games of 2010 looks into the world of downloadable games to find the best of the best, from the year 2010. Games will be judged heavily on gameplay, but originality of the title will also be a deciding factor when discussing these holy grails of the XBLA and PSN.

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pantsula2892d ago

Awesome list, it has truly been a great year for downloadable games.

Murgatroyd72892d ago

So many people praise Monday Night Combat, but I just couldn't get myself to enjoy it. Different strokes, I guess...

Call_me_Ishmael2892d ago

i downloaded all those games except super meat boy,i already played it on my friends xbox but i couldn't buy and download it,the reason being the thought of playing in a vagina made me want to hurl and uneasy.

omicron0092892d ago

Greed Corp should be on that list. Great game.

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