Review: Vanquish (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich goes headlong into Platinum Games' over-the-top action shooter:

"Where to begin…

"The SC-01Providence space colony has been hijacked by the Russian Star, an extremist faction bent on using the colony’s microwave energy array to fry their enemies unless they surrender unconditionally. Unwilling to give in to their demands, the President of the United States sends hundreds of thousands of soldiers off to their deaths in a desperate attempt to take the colony back. Lucky for her, Sam Gideon (DARPA researcher extraordinaire) is on the case. And lucky for Sam, he was on the one ship that managed to make it through the Russian defenses in (almost) one piece.

"Sound like the start to a cheesy action movie? You betcha."

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RobsteinOne2737d ago

I so wish they'd release some bonus DLC missions or something. This game was so much fun.

Ndigity2737d ago

This is one I'll definitely need to make time for.

Giantsquirrel2736d ago

This game's out? Wow. Maybe I'll try the demo someday.

ShadowPraxis2736d ago

It was definitely interesting, what little I played of it. I'll have to come back to it again some other time. Next year, probably.

Greek God2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

one of the best gamex i ever played
i wish more people would buy it because sales arent really that good -.-
and i want VANQUISH 2

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The story is too old to be commented.