The best eight games of this generation: as voted by you

GGG: "Choosing this generation's best video game (thus far) is a difficult undertaking -- which is why we handed the task over to you, our readers.

A few months ago, we asked you to vote for your favourite game of this generation in an online poll. After tallying thousands of votes, the results are finally in. Surprisingly, the winning game received a massive 30% of the total vote. (And if you disagree, don't complain to us. We didn't pick the winner: you did!)"

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mikeslemonade2532d ago

I agree with Uncharted 2 of course. I agree COD4 is a close second because it is the game that turned this generation upside down. It's essentially the game that dethroned GTA4, Madden, and Halo in sales.

By the way where are all the Game of the Decade competitions?

Ratchet5102532d ago

you got the uncharted 2 right, but the rest no.

Rumor2532d ago

Not gonna look, because if I see a cod game I'm gonna flip....

Someone please tell me there isn't one

doa7662531d ago

they got the first one right but any list of the best games of this gen that doesn't include Demon's Souls or Metal Gear Solid 4 can not be taken seriously

frostyhat1232531d ago

dont hate! but i would seriously put dk:returns on here! I am still blown away at how good it is

RedDragan2531d ago

GTA4 doesn't belong anywhere near the list.

I have to admit although it is not a great game by anymeans, I did spend a lot of time on Modern Warfare. But there is nothing that makes it stand out to the point that it belongs on any such list.

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redwolf2532d ago

that reminds of my broken pad, stellar game though

Daver2531d ago

loll at GTA 4 it was so lame...

irish-leprecaun2532d ago

MGS4, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Motorstorm, God of War 3, Infamous 2, Heavy Rain & Little Big Planet
Thats my opinion although I could make a top 20 list of PS3 exclusives with the other 12 pretty much as good as the 8 i have listed.

deadreckoning6662532d ago

So, this generation, u only found in enjoyment in exclusive games?

acky12532d ago

obviously, Sony is the king of games.
Sony 'til I die

irish-leprecaun2531d ago

apart from gta4, cod4, fifa 09 yeah i have only bought exclusives. i used to think i was just trolling when i said things like that but when i look at my huge collection 90% of them are only on ps3. you have got a ps3 right? cus if you havn't experienced what i have then i feel bad for you. and will feel even worse after next year!

Dnied2532d ago

lol where'd you get infamous 2?

plz do tell

iamgoatman2531d ago

Looks like the Irish invented a time machine and forgot to tell anyone else about it.

doa7662531d ago

let me do a better top ten of this gen of the top of my head:

1 uncharted 2
2 demon's souls
3 metal gear solid 4
4 bioshock
5 GTA4
6 little big planet
7 oblivion GOTY edition
8 modern warfare 2
9 fallout 3 GOTY edition
10 mass effect 2

RedDragan2531d ago

I too only get exclusives for the PS3. All multi's I get for PC.

RedDragan2530d ago

Disagreers are wrong, I know what I buy and you don't. Talk about immature little kiddies.

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grumpysmurf2532d ago

So Uncharted 2 blitzed the competition. No surprises there.

Ratchet5102532d ago

yes that is true, it did not have competition in its year.

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Quagmire2532d ago

They missed out Assassin's Creed. One of the best franchises to come out of this gen.

MegaMohsi2532d ago

the 2nd game and brotherhood could qualify for that list but the first one was just eye candy and nothing more

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