Review: James Bond 007: Blood Stone (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Sage Knox investigates the second Bond-themed release this season:

"Despite the nostalgia felt for the Nintendo 64′s GoldenEye (it’s not as good as you remember), 007′s only had one truly great video game adaptation: 2004′s Everything or Nothing (it’s better than you remember). Oddly enough, it was a third-person shooter, kicking the precedent set by previous Bond titles — Tomorrow Never Dies for PS1 not withstanding.

"Upon the announcement of Bizarre Creations’ new take on Daniel Craig’s version of James “Blonde,” my mind raced back to sitting on my parents’ basement couch, spending way too much time replaying that pesky stealth mission and going head-to-head with an anachronistic Jaws, and I hoped that some supernatural force would shine its light down upon Blood Stone and take me back to those happy days. But it turns out that the light was shining up from below, and that the supernatural force was, in fact, the Devil."

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RobsteinOne2742d ago

So it's FFXIII with James Bond?

Ndigity2742d ago

This just makes me want to replay Everything or Nothing...

Giantsquirrel2742d ago

Ndigity: Exactly! Play that instead! Plus, Pierce Brosnan > Elephant Man

ShadowPraxis2742d ago

Never played a Bond game. This affirms that I haven't made a bad life-choice. :P