Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection debut trailer

Check out the first trailer of Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, showing off gameplay and new CG.

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boogeyman9992890d ago

This brought a smile to my face. FFIV is a damn good game.

CrazyForGames2890d ago

not really worth the 39.99 square enix will charge for a re release

iamtehpwn2890d ago

The only thing I don't get is that they did the 3d remake for a lower spec machine, and the 2d re-release for the higher spec machine. o__O;

Baka-akaB2890d ago

easy to get imo . No one would settle for less than a ps2 level remake on psp .
Something as beautiful as crisis core or kingdom hearts .
An expense square enix obviously doesnt feel like doing , at least not till the 3ds

wicko2890d ago

Yeah I thought the same thing.. I don't know if I care or not though.

Arnagrim2890d ago

It's definitely among the better Final Fantasy games. It's in my personal top 5 for sure. Of course, I've already bought this game 3 times, once for the PlayStation, once for the GBA and once for the DS, so unless they do something special besides that horrible After Years game I'll have to pass.
@TehPown- Good question. I'm not complaining though, I've never been a fan of the DS's 3D models, they tend to look like N64 models. I'll take the sprites for the sake of a cleaner look.

scar202890d ago

When does it come to NA?

Kamikaze1352890d ago

Most likely in the Summer or Fall

GeneGodHand2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I played FFIV for the GBA and never finished it then sold it. Going to finish it for the psp glad its the complete collection.

jc485732890d ago

you may consider the ds version.

GeneGodHand2890d ago

I would get it for the Ds but not into the graphics for that version and it doesn't have the after years.

ThanatosDMC2890d ago

Is this the one with Cecil the templar that used to be a dark knight?

RedPawn2890d ago

Yes Sir, and my favorite one.

ThanatosDMC2890d ago

Awesome! Though i did feel weaker when Cecil became a templar/paladin (i dont remember) than when he was a dark knight. I think, if i recall correctly, he gets an attack boost but he looses some defense points after the transition.

I hope it comes to the PSN since i only have a Go now.

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The story is too old to be commented.