Interview: Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht

Julian Eggebrecht, the president and creative director of Factor 5, has discussed Nintendo's Wii in a new interview, describing the capabilities of the console, why he thinks developers aren't taking advantage of it, what Super Mario Galaxy brings to the table, and what his studio's got planned for the future.

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ItsDubC3911d ago

"I really hate the current trend of the hardcore people very much getting into this bubble of being very defensive and not wanting the whole casual thing to happen. In the end it's all one big market... essentially we're all casual to a certain degree."

I have to agree w/ him. There's not really a clear, defining line that separates a "casual" game from a "hardcore" game in my opinion. I think it's more of a gradient in which certain games (and even certain levels within certain games) are more casual-oriented than others.

I've heard some gamers on N4G describe Mario as not being "hardcore" but when the series first debuted on the NES, no one was questioning its "hardcoreness". This of course may be attributed to the fact that videogames as a whole have become less difficult and less challenging over the years but if this is the case, it makes perfect sense to take what some would consider a "hardcore" game from today and say that its Easy difficulty setting is "casual" while it's Hard difficulty setting is for the "hardcore".

Rowland3911d ago

You are wasting so many peoples (& your own) time with your numerous & often petty reporting.

You need to consider your reports much more carefully. You make some good points occasionally but you also make mistakes, and your refusal to acknowledge them & your arrogant, condescending & 'superior' tone is pissing people off. You are also severely lacking when people appeal against your reporting with good points of their own. You could show some manners & good grace & accept other points of view occasionally.

And could you actually use the APPROVE button now & again ? People only have to look at your 'user score' to see a vast MASS OF RED REPORTS against virtually NO APPROVALS which is a very selfish attitude & not fair on THE COMMUNITY who approve your newsposts but receive next to nothing in return.

Kholinar3911d ago

Doesn't seem like he's going to listen to you. Probably better to just leave it alone.

ItsDubC3911d ago

"... Wii, on the other hand... I mean, think about it: it's got so much more power compared to the GameCube. If even with the extremely similar shader hardware, the system clockrate is so much higher, you can do so much more advanced things, so if people just would look at Rouge Leader, Rebel Strike and Resident Evil 4 and then say: this hardware is significantly faster, than those games should be the very minimum they (developers) should get and then they should build on top of it."

"... our main limitation which we always found on the GameCube was the memory: the memory was a struggle the whole time; it was a very hard struggle. That was actually our biggest struggle. When we got the Wii specifications we were excited because we said 'wow, this is actually the amount of memory which we needed... our dream memory'"

purin3911d ago

his comments may be inspiring for a wii-owner, but actions speak louder than words.

PS360WII3911d ago

lets hope some devs and publishers take some of those words to heart. I'd like to see some more people spend some time on making a Wii game then just throwing something out on it.

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