Soundtrack Spotlight – Donkey Kong Country Returns

CFD!'s Nate Andrews returns with another set of videogame music selections:

"(Soundtrack Spotlight is a weekly CFD! feature devoted to all things VGM. Every week we celebrate the best in game music, highlight new releases and forgotten tracks, and bring you the best in auditory awesomeness.)

"Handling the jungle rhythms and melodies of Donkey Kong Country is a serious undertaking. The unique, iconic nature of the SNES-era, Rare-developed DK games’ soundtracks (from Rare composers David Wise, Robin Beanland, and Eveline Fischer) are a tough act to follow, or in this case, replicate.

"Yamamoto, best known for his own superb musical work in Super Metroid and the Metroid Prime series, doesn’t do too much altering of the composition of the original songs; those familiar with the DKC soundtrack will notice new layers and arrangements throughout – many of which accent the original structure of the songs (see: “DK Island Swing Returns”) – but the overall tone and measure is still parallel to that of the 1994 Donkey Kong Country."

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RobsteinOne2917d ago

If I only had a Wii...

I miss Donkey Kong Country.

Giantsquirrel2917d ago

Water Music from DKC is still one of my favorite video game tunes.