Microsoft Kinect 3D Camera for Hands-Free Radiologic Image Browsing

Imagine that you have to review radiological images during surgery or angioplasty with bloody gloves on, without having to touch any buttons or joysticks. This would help preserve sterility, limit contamination, and save time and equipment costs. Turns out that a pretty advanced and functional prototype has just been made that uses cheap, off-the shelf technology. Researchers from Institute of Forensic Medicine's Virtopsy Project at University of Bern, Switzerland have adapted a Microsoft Kinect 3D video camera and a wireless headset as a touch-free input system for the OsiriX PACS. Check out the following cool demo that was just uploaded by the develope

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Mystogan2918d ago


Explain to me why they are not doing this with PSeye when its ALLOT cheaper.

Bigpappy2919d ago

Yes. This show how important something which gets its start in simple gaming can quickly turn into a vey important tool in an un-intended field. Leaving tech open is very important to the world developement. IBM open up the PC so others could clone it. That is one reason why I never bought a MAC. I believe in good tech being open so it can grow --having one group decide where and how tech should be used is styfiling to progress.

kinf-of-zon2918d ago

No offense,but kinect is a gaming peripheral that should make great uses of the tech for gaming before it makes the transition from add-on to a sanitary way of reviewing images.

Bigpappy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

No offense, but from reading what you just wrote, I consider you a stupid person.

They are talking about using tech to help prevent doctors from making sick people sicker. You think they should leave this alone and concentrate on games.

kinf-of-zon2918d ago

No,you butt-wipe!,I mean Microsoft should have made kinect for applications like this in stead of a gaming add-on.

8thnightvolley2919d ago

8 weeks and its already making a difference in medicine.. wow ok...

Wikkid6662918d ago

Cool... and look at that carefully they are actually running Kinect on a Mac.

Gamefan122918d ago

cool , but isn't it just easier to use a mouse ?

Christopher2918d ago

Currently they have a technician who would handle any computer needs of a doctor. The same way they have technicians/nurses on hand for manipulating video data. You don't want to put this work in the hands of the doctor when they can keep their hands on a body and keep working while telling someone else to manipulate the image in real time.

This is currently how it works.

Neat concept, but just not all that viable.

beardpapa2918d ago

as an RT, I agree with cgoodno on everything. It's not viable and not feasible for actual healthcare. You have trained techs that do the work. Heck, not every surgeon knows how to properly read an image or have passed their fluoroscopy license. =P

Neat concept, but unlike the da Vinci that is suitable enough to replace surgical techs, this and like Gamefan has pointed out ... it's easier controlling contrast with the mouse.

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