Square Enix Delays a Game, but Jaffe Will Deliver With Twisted Metal DLC

PSUni Writes "This is our third episode of PlayStation University TV."

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AKA2856d ago

T Metal X will be very fun to play, i try it two times at e3 and i was getting owned but having fun.

Anarki2856d ago

It appears anyone can get on N4g these days. Just setup a camera in ur basement, stick a white screen up and then record and resite crap which has been said weeks ago..

FACTUAL evidence2856d ago

DLC before a game's release! I love this! /S

Deathstroke2856d ago

I hope part of that DLC is an alternate skin for Mr. Grimm so he won't look like a douche.

SnakeMustDie2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

DLC even before the game is released? Although it wasn't stated that there is DLC before the game but I hope they don't cut content on the game.

R_aVe_N2856d ago

Where did it say DLC before the game is released? Do people here just make crap up crap up for kicks? Jaffe was asking people about DLC on Twitter he was just getting thoughts on the issue. He has not said there will be DLC, but he did say that he would consider DLC if the game sells really well.