Link's Crossbow Training officially confirmed

Just a day after rumours surfaced on the Interweb that Nintendo has planned a Zelda-themed title to ship with the Wii Zapper accessory, the firm has today officially announced Link's Crossbow Training for the Nintendo Wii.

Link's Crossbow Training is detailed as an experience where players are dropped into the shoes of the famous adventure series' protagonist on a mission to perfect his marksmanship. Challenges will start with static bulls-eyes before shifting to moving targets and all sorts of enemies.

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DrPirate3691d ago

..........................WHAT !?!?!?!?!

That's beyond the dumbest thing I've ever heard, way to milk a good franchise there Nintendo.

....Link's Crossbow training, Very eloquent.

ChickeyCantor3690d ago

cant you realize that this could be some introduction to the Zelda franchise for people who know sh/t about the franchise?
although this game cant be compared to the series, but if link gets popular there will be a bigger chance more people will like Zelda.

GoLeafsGo3691d ago

Another useless accessory -_-'

urban bohemian3691d ago

Who would want crossbow training? Just release time crisis already!!!

PS360WII3691d ago

could be cool. The zapper is a good idea for upcoming games that'll use the Wii Remote more as a gun anyway. Hopefully the Zelda Crossbow training will be pretty fun. I did enjoy that little training bit in OoT

ItsDubC3690d ago

Ya I'm not expecting the game to be REALLY fun, but I am expecting it to be fun enough to justify $20.

Kholinar3690d ago

I posted this in the other thread, but it's still interesting to me...

Someone said that the real fun in this is with mapping both controllers' movements around a fixed center. I'm inclined to agree. This might make even more complex wiimote functions more viable... such as sword swinging or bayonet stabbing/hitting someone with the butt of your rifle. Imagine a Final Fantasy game with real-time battling using gunblades. yeah...

scarlett_rg3690d ago

Wii Play Targets and the Ghost Mansion minigame in Super Paper Mario have always been fun and a great test of skill... however weren't very deep at all.

I expect Link's Crossbow Training to be far superior to those, so it should also bring the good times!

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and other full length games that are designed with the Zapper in mind should really kick some ass though.

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