Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is “the fastest selling game in Capcom's history”

According to the latest press release, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (known as Monster Hunter Freedom 3 in North America) is now the fastest selling Capcom game.

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aceitman2890d ago

so where is the ps3 version then

blumatt2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Yeah, I'd like to see a PS3 version too. I think the main thing to get out of this news is that the PSP is indeed still relevant unlike what many people say. The PSP2 is going to be a nice handheld and, since it's coming out during holiday 2011, it will sell well (as long as it's not astronomically priced). If it has 3G capability (a la the iPad's subscription-based 3G), then I'll get it for sure since that will allow anywhere online capability and PSN connectivity. Also, PS2 classics playable on the PSP2 would be nice.

vsr2890d ago

As a gamer I'm very Happy.

Next PS3

MAJ0R2890d ago

maybe this was a test to see how MH would do this gen on Sony's platform

jc485732890d ago

the only thing I'm afraid of is that Capcom might charge us a monthly fee if a ps3 ever comes out.

Quagmire2890d ago

Why? Monster Hunter isnt an mmo save for the 360 re-release. Its an action-rpg. Its a JRPG. Its a GOOD JRPG, y'know, a genre seriously lacking in PS3 great library.

In the perfect world, I would want to see a Story-Driven Monster Hunter game with drop-in/drop-out online and offline co-op with up to 4 friends, exclusive to PS3, to harness the graphical and technical capabilities of said console. I aint trying to be fanboyish here, but I believe Exclusives have better gfx than multi-plats, and Monster Hunter franchise deserves the quality treatment.

badz1492890d ago

now MH Portable is already reaching FF and DQ status in Japan! how ironic is this when it's their fastest selling game but on a device which is touted to be dead by many and only in 1 country? I doubt the game will ever make it 1 mil everywhere else worldwide but fact is, Mh is now like a staple franchise for the PSP and I think they will continue this tradition for PSP2!

ThanatosDMC2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I want it! Did y'all see the fighting snow rat bear thing? There's also an red ant eater armadillo with long tongue attack.

dredgewalker2890d ago

As much as I loved the PSP Monster Hunters I want a PS3 version! I've been waiting for a loooooooonngg time and it makes no sense why Capcom wouldn't make it unless they're tied with Nintendo through a deal.

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Myst2890d ago

I'd bet so after Tri [which was not AS bad] which kind of ticked off a few people still. They knew a PSP version was imminent and being that the old monsters from Tri and previous iterations as well as newer monsters were going to be thrown in; that is what sealed it.

Still Aceitman brings up something interesting where is the PS3 version? PS2 had a version and Xbox 360 has frontier [which I'd like to try as well]. Seriously an MMO related Monster Hunter? With add-ons every few months more monsters and all? I'd get that and they can continue to send out PSP versions just for those on the go.

Capcom should really evaluate their gaming strategy and read around the web.

shikamaroooo2890d ago

its time for a ps3 version

solfol2890d ago

Finally the Monster hunter franchise gets what it deserves :-)



TANUKI2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Nice. I too, would like to see a PS3 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.