Why you should play Killzone 3 with Playstation Move

Whether or not you're going to play Killzone 3 with PlayStation Move, Guerrilla Game's Herman Hulst believes that the game would still be great either way. All the same, if you do have the hardware, might as well go for the whole enchilada. Through this interview, Hulst describes how Killzone 3 and Move go great together.

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Organization XII2917d ago

Because it will be the best console fps to date.

deadreckoning6662917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"Why you should play Killzone 3 with Playstation Move"

Or I could just use the DS3..which I've grown accustomed to for the past 4 years and save the $100 I would have spent buying a Move controller and PS Eye towards Killzone 3 and a $50 PSN card.

Hmmm...such a hard decision.

@Shok- I agree with you wholeheartedly, but unfortunately, inbred logic normally rules over what makes sense on this site. On N4G, as dumb as it sounds, its ASSUMED that everyone is giving their "opinion" even though they don't have IMO within their comment.

I don't know why people are so desperate on this site to call something, "the best". Why not just say, "I like it, I don't care what anyone else thinks"...and proceed to play your game?

Hellsvacancy2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

$50 PSN card? and buy what? there isnt alot on the PS Store, i mean, u should hav all ready bought the good stuff

Ill probably hav a Move mote by the time K3 arrives, not interested at the mo

Holeran2917d ago

$50 psn card? You get that for buying KZ3?

Shok2917d ago

You forgot to put IMO afterwards. No doubt it will be a AAA, epic game, but seriously, it's not gonna beat out past FPSs like Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark.

MerkinMax2917d ago

You forgot to put IMO afterwards.

Mr Tretton2917d ago

lol at Shok. What a goon. Take his bubbles.

Shok2917d ago

Lol, so you guys seriously think its gonna go down in history like Goldeneye did? Get out of here. I didnt put IMO cause what I said is a fact.

HolyOrangeCows2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"you guys seriously think its gonna go down in history like Goldeneye did?"
EXACTLY what everyone said.

"I didnt put IMO cause what I said is a fact"
The irony! It burns!!!

"Time to start banning IP's"
If they did that, the entire community would be one-bubblers like us and those fanboys who fake neutrality, pretend to be victims, and suck up to the mods.

I'll definitely be playing with the Move. Sometimes I get sick of how unengaging controllers and mice are.

nix2917d ago

i don't know why they don't have "Because he/she needs a bubble", "He/she is not a troll" options in 'Bubble +'.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Doesn't matter.

Dualshock 3, PS Move and Mouse and Keyboard (Eagle eye) players will have epic matches in February in the same Servers.

I will get PS Move (but not Sharpshooter) to play Killzone 3 for sure, day 1 in the story mode and Multiplayer mode.

mmPete2917d ago

I am so on the fence with getting the sharpshooter. I have the move, and I only play 2 games with it (R.U.S.E. & The Fight - both excellent games) and I am getting Killzone, it has always been my fav FPS. And the sharpshooter looks like fun, but I am worried about fatigue. I mean, aiming down the sights would be a blast on this thing, but $40 is pretty steep. Also, you have to move the whole gun instead of your wrist... Is it worth it? Can someone give me their insights on this?

BeOneWithTheGun2917d ago

I could care less about Move, I just want to do those melee attacks! Holy Crap!

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DigitalRaptor2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I still think I'm gonna wait a while until quality software builds up for the Move. Then when I decide to get it, I will have lots of options.

I'm perfectly happy with the Dualshock 3 for now. When something really enticing comes along, I will probably pick it up.

mmPete2917d ago

i agree.
I got the move, and I do use it regularly to play The Fight, and R.U.S.E, I feel that I so=hould have waited a bit, because the real quality games are coming out 2011 (LBP2, KZ3, SOCOM4, and maybe UC3 and maybe R3)

They are suuuper innovative and fun, and I absolutley cannot wait until Dungeon Defenders!

But yeah, if I were you, I'd wait.
The move is great, you just need to wait for wider software adaption

DarkBlood2917d ago

i'll probably use the move this time, though i'll probably try and get used to it like i did with resident evil 5 but havent really used it that much yet as thats the only game beside heavy rain thats compatible with it

Arup022917d ago

You can call me old, but i still think the old controller is better.

Sprudling2916d ago

You're not old if you think the controller is good for shooters. Old people know nothing beats mouse + keyboard. Move is actually a step closer towards the mouse, but I don't know if it's close enough.

Pacman3212917d ago

Iv'e already got the Move but i just need to get the navigation controller. I probably will end up using the DS3 more often, but with the move it just gives you more options!

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