Techtree reviews Heavenly Sword: 4.5/5

Amazing Visuals
Beautiful presentation
Great voice-acting and cut-scenes
Amusing Bohan
Great Action and puzzle gameplay
Perfect use of SixAxis.

A little short play time.

Final Verdict

The game is almost perfect. A major hindrance is the playtime - In the hands of a capable player, the game can be finished in less than 7-8 hours, which isn't bad, but you still expect more playtime. But whatever gameplay time you have is amazing, and we all prefer quality over quantity, don't we? If you have a PS3 and are convinced that you must own this, ask one of your US buddies to ship it to you (else, wait till mid-September for it to arrive in India); and if you don't have a PS3, go buy a PS3 for this game, or loan it from a friend. Trust me, this is one game you don't want to miss.

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nasim3906d ago

techtree is an indian website but very unbiased.

any non -american website has a high probability of giving HS a very high score cuz HS is a genuine x360 killer and makes all x360 games look like wii games

azzam3906d ago

+:Amazing Visuals, Beautiful presentation, Great voice-acting and cut-scenes, Amusing Bohan, Great Action and puzzle gameplay, Perfect use of SixAxis.

-:A little short play time.

leon763906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

God of war have 9-10 hours of game and is one of the best games of all time!!!!!
I'm sure the 7-9 hours can be more for the inexperient gamers, that will fail in some segmets of the game, beacoming the game greater...

ktchong3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )


Amp3906d ago

Yes,apparently nobody in India knows anything about electronic entertainment.Why dont you take your sorry rear anyplace else. And when your sorry MS products go bad, guess where your going to call?Putz

RenegadeRocks3906d ago

So, it "is" coming to India! thats good, coz most of the time we never know if a game will make it to India. We are a neglected lot, think of I can't get an original RE4 for my ps2 here, but u can always geta ummmm... pirated one. But we need to get more games. Even Bioshock hasn;t arrived here! yet.

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