Xbox 360 – Six Essential Games

This year’s must-have titles for Xbox 360 show that Microsoft’s console holds appeal for everyone, not just the first-person-shooting brigade. And it’s about time too.

Game of the year, groundbreaking control, and still the best for online

There is good reason to be cheerful this Christmas if you own an Xbox 360, in particular if you are broadband connected at home. Xbox 360 games are richly enhanced by the online Xbox LIVE service, with keenly priced add-ons plus the best connected online gaming experience that’s also linked to Windows LIVE. The only downside is that users pay a premium to game online with friends, but this isn’t the place for that debate. As for the games and the main purpose of this feature, the double-barrelled shotgun of revolutionary Kinect and our Game of the Year ‘Halo: Reach’ is enough to alert any gamer to the Xbox 360 cause. Here’s what has been blowing us away, and all exclusive to the console in some respect.

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Troll_Police2921d ago ShowReplies(1)
mrv3212921d ago

All great games no doubt, but I must disagree with Dance Central, on the pure fact I don't believe it's worth the $200 to get ( $150 for Kinect and $50 for Dance Central ).

It'd be like saying it's worth paying $X for Rockband even if your just going to play Guitar.

kissmeimgreek2921d ago

Essential for 360, No. Essential for those who bought Kinect, YES. One of the funnest and best uses of kinect yet. Im the last person to ever enjoy dancing but its so much fun with a group of people just laughing and hving a good time.

ECM0NEY2921d ago

I play kinect at my cousins and Dance Central is by far the dopest game for kinect.

Teach me how to jerk is the best song.

Reject do that reject.

YourCall2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@mrv321,using that dumb logic, couldn't we same thing about the console itself. No game is worth it because of the 299 you would need to buy the console.

I'm sure the writer was thinking "if you own kinect" when he mentioned Dance Central.

I own all six of these games, they are all great games.

Arup022921d ago

Dance central? This isn't essential.

dragon822921d ago

I have Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2. Both great games.

NatureOfLogic2921d ago

I would like to play Alan Wake on my PS3.

ECM0NEY2921d ago

No you dont lol. It would have been a good game 3 or 4 years ago. Good story but so repetitive, I can remember only seeing like 3 or 4 different enemy types.

Threesix2921d ago

It's definitely worth playing if you can get your hands on an Xbox. Worst case, you could always watch an LP of the game. This guy on SA has one going on right now that's really good: http://forums.somethingawfu...

NatureOfLogic2921d ago

after watching some of those videos, I have to play Alan Wake. Thanks

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The story is too old to be commented.