$10 million Halo 3 campaign starts this week

Microsoft's $10 million Halo 3 "Believe" TV ad campaign breaks onto the box this week, finishing almost a year's advertising blitz for the Xbox frontrunner.

The TV ad focuses on the battles of Spartan big man Master Chief, with warriors that did battle with the green dynamo providing testimonials and generally kissing his arse. Here's hoping its as awesome as last year's CGI ad.

The new ads were created by McCann-Erickson in San Francisco and will debut on the internet (and the telly) later this week.

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toughNAME3939d ago

i still have a few friends who are on the fence about buying a next gen console
hopefully these commercials will help change their mind :D

XENOCIDE3939d ago

The 10 mil. M$ is dropping on these ad's aren't a necessity. I don't think they're going to change anyone's mind or anything. You've heard of Halo even if you've resided on Mars the last decade n' hate it with every bone in your body.

me_p3939d ago

Please go and sit on BULL HORNS..

XENOCIDE3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

I'd noticed I was 1 bubble less, placed on someone's ignore list, and disagreed with. While I have no problem with any of the above, I do when it is without merit. I said nothing to you, but responded to another's comment. If you disagree, fine. But slang insults that your mother n' my metal wouldn't approve of while hundreds of miles away when unprovoked...that's foolish, not to mention cowardly. Come here n' talk shyt, but what would you do if I were passerby? I have no understanding as to why you and other's would rather name call or insult than debate intelligently.

me_p. You should learn to stay in your place and leave the likes of me alone, 'specially when I keep to myself. Go p, n' make sure you wipe front to back *****.

eLiNeS3939d ago

but I am sure there are millions still waiting for it to drop and snatch it up. HALO Holiday is going to be HUGE!!!

People are going to be lining up to trade in there PS3s to get the HALO edition Xbox 360, FTW!!!

Havince3939d ago

its as good as the ad for halo 2

that line that the phrophet said

summet like "there were those who said this day would never come....what are they to say now"

chilld my spine everytime i heard that

vickers5003938d ago

Hype it to hell, and then some. It will make the game better, even if it turns out to suck (which it wont).