Final PS3 Dev Kit tidbits!

While there hasn't been a lot of details released about the Final PS3 Dev Kits, representatives paid a visit to Pseudo Interactive, the makers of Full Auto 2, and laid out some interesting new information about the hardware. According to Pseudo interactive, the dev kits are "extremely adaptive and easy to program for". And those who were worried about potential drawbacks of the system can rest easy since there's no noticeable heat or noise coming from the PS3 units.

More information available through the link.

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BIadestarX4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I have a question about, " there's no noticeable heat or noise coming from the PS3 units".
How would they know?
The Sony dev kit box it's completely different than the retail box. The dev kit has more fans and air ducts than the retail box. So, we appreciate them trying to make Sony look good, but...
Here are some pictures for the PS3 dev kit.

Bill Nye4018d ago

Those pictures aren't of the final dev. kit. And isn't it good that the dev. kits are quiet? I'd imagine the final product to be even quieter.

BIadestarX4018d ago

I didn't take those pictures.. Blame and all the other sites. Though the only difference I see between them and the pictures are yours is (the color). They all have the same shape.

Bill Nye4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Wow, anyone can tell that the pictures of the dev kit you posted are completely different from the one in the video. You should have at least noticed the slot for the HDD and perhaps the Blu-ray drive. Not to mention how all the buttons are on the right side of the face instead of the left.

kingboy4018d ago

stick to wii we already know how u hate the console .geez!ur not different from themart.always b*tching on ps3 news

BIadestarX4018d ago

the wii? That's insulting... I will be buying the PS3 and the wii; and already own a 360. Unlike you (fanboys); I just don't believe all the crap I hear from developers making (Exclusive) games for a console. Would you go running to buy the 360 if "bungie" says, "the dev kits are 'extremely adaptive and easy to program for'. And those who were worried about potential drawbacks of the system can rest easy since there's no noticeable heat or noise coming from the 360 units."? All right then.

specialguest4018d ago

with all the bad news about the PS3 coming along lately, what's so wrong about informing the consumers about good news? oh yeah, 360 fans applaud and marvel over PS3 bad news all the time, but when good news comes along, they disapprove just like how you are.

jiggajayp4018d ago

Sure it`s easy tp program for, that`s why full auto 2 looks worst than part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, that`s why SvR 2007 and others was cancelled!!!!

Boink4018d ago

there is no reason to think the ps3 will be quieter just cause the dev kit is, it means nothing. it may be, and hopefully it is, as the first 360's were quite noisy(the dvd drive anyway), although current ones i've seen don't see to have the same noise the originals did.

heat may be a concern as one above poster mentioned, there are alot more vents on the dev kit than what we've seen from shots of retail ps3's. but who knows...

jiggajayp4018d ago

They are just hating cuz that garbage @$$ game they made didn`t sell well on the 360 cuz that sh1t is garbage!!!!!! Plain as day, why wouldn`t you make a sequel to a game on the same platform if it was successful?? THAT GAME SUCKS @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

achira4018d ago

can someone be more ignorant than you ? you never played the game, how can you say it sucks ? the vids of the game show it looks better then burnout, so what is your problem ? and you know burnout is a great game.