Retro City Rampage heading to XBLA

Retro City Rampage has long been headed to Nintendo’s WiiWare service, but it looks like it may be heading to Xbox Live Arcade as well.

Completing Day 19 of Mission in Snowdriftland unlocks a Retro City Rampage insert for a Sega Master System case. It also says that the game is headed to both WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade.

If this were a simple typo we might understand, but the game’s developer confirmed the game is headed to another platform through their Twitter account.

“Sorry, still unable to confirm the release date, but for sure 2011 and for sure also one of the other consoles. Will confirm ASAP,” the Tweet said.

We’ve contacted VBlank for an official statement regarding the matter. In the meantime, check out our hands-on impressions from PAX Prime.

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Nugan2709d ago

Cool. I'm eager to try this on WiiWare. Glad more people will be able to enjoy it.