Take 2: Mafia III to be released in a few Years

Take 2´s Strauss Zelnick talks about Mafia III and revealed that the Game will released sometime in a few Years

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tony67672743d ago

so obvious just at watching the ending

AngryFork2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

YES!!! I loved Mafia 2 and was hoping for a sequel. It's amazing on PC. I know the console versions kind of got shafted though but it was the same thing with the first Mafia anyway. The visuals, music, setting etc. in terms of the environment/time period was just perfect. I can't wait until LA Noire comes out so there'll be a Noir/darker version of the same kind of environment.

Mafia 2 could've had more content within the sandbox world and the story could've been better but I thought it was great overall. I've played through it twice and love driving around every once in a while in the city because it's so beautiful. I think the city feels more alive and immersive than GTA4's. Mafia 2 has tons of cool little quirks that should be in GTA's imo.

showtimefolks2743d ago

and some more gameplay improvements would be awsome

i don't mind not having side misssion since i skip most of them anyway but make sure the SP is atleast 15-20hrs long or eve longer

joe should not be killed i think they will give us the option to save him in the 3rd

i hate a lot of these games where the whole game you trying to become a big shot than in the next you starting from zero again fable 3 did this nice thing where half way through you became the king i hope more games would do something like that

Man In Black2743d ago

The game would've been so much better if they hadn't cut out so much fucking content, in order to put it back together as DLC.

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Nightshadow2743d ago

Yah, sequel to Mafia II, but both Mafia II and III are unrelated to Mafia I. They should have probably changed the naming schema for these titles.

CrzyFooL2743d ago

Except the fact that Vito and Joe are the guys who killed the main character form Mafia I (Tommy Angelo). It's the final scene of Mafia I and it's a mission in one of the last chapters of Mafia II. The storyline may be different but the world is connected.

I'm really sorry if anyone was spoiled by my post. N4G needs a white text option.

iTwisteDi2743d ago

Yeah they really need to add a white text.. and i was so happy they decided to add that mission

NYC_Gamer2743d ago

i'll buy mafia 2 once it gets cheaper

TANUKI2743d ago

As per my post down below, I too am going to be cautious and wait on Mafia 3.

MGRogue20172743d ago

Mafia II was shit, for lack of a better word.. so I'm going to be very cautious before buying this one.

TANUKI2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I overhyped myself for the Mafia 2 release. I thought it was going be on the same production value as GT4, but I was wrong.

It's not that it is terrible, just very very very average. The free Jimmy DLC didn't entice me enough, to play the game through more than once.

The worst part is, I actually bought the collector's edition. :/

karl2743d ago

u mean GTA4 right?

in my opinion GTA wasnt no where near as polished as MAFIA 2

the story was awesome and so was the city u live that story in...

u probably wanted replay value... i didnt play it more tahn once.. but it still was better than 100 hours playing GTA

iTwisteDi2743d ago

Dude the story Anal rapped GTA4 story.. i beat Mafia 2 like 3 times!... and Gta4 2 times and its been out longer!

TANUKI2743d ago

lol, I knew I was going to make that mistake... AGAIN.

Yeah, I meant GTA4 and... yes, I should have said replay value.

BlackBusterCritic2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I couldn't care less. They can't even make a proper port, nor a proper game.

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