Rumour: Uncharted for PSP2 in the works

A new Uncharted game could be in the works for the "very powerful" PSP2, if new rumours are accurate. Game Informer magazine says it's "heard" that an Uncharted "spin off" is headed to Sony's next-gen handheld, rumoured for release in "holiday 2011".

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alphakennybody2915d ago

it would be cool if the protagonist would be a victor sullivan in his younger days.

Iamback2915d ago

i just hope it isn't Sony Bend working on it. I want them to make Syphon Filter on PS3

Snakefist302915d ago

Maybe an Uncharted Prequel.Were we hav to play a young Nathan Drake like how he started treasure hunting.

sinncross2915d ago

Dont worry Lamback, Sony Bend are working on Syphon Filter ps3.
I would actually like it to be a new division in Naughty Dog working on the title tbqh but seems like SOny has been outsourcing some titles like GOW and Ico HD collections.

EeJLP-2915d ago

Good for handheld owners I guess, but I hate missing out on some good games that could be done better on the home console.

For example:
God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Among maybe a few others. I'd rather they come to the PS3. I understand the need for exclusives to sell the handheld, but damn... going to miss out on an Uncharted now too?

JoeReno2914d ago

simple fix, buy a psp. Thats what I did while i waited for sony to fix my fat60gb, and love it. Use it all the time.

R2D22914d ago

Wow - double standerd much.

You fan boys scream about Halo being milked but when Sony does it you scream OMG!!

Rachet and Resistance are OMG as well.

firefoxprime2914d ago

Jeez man...just announce the blasted thing already. Still don't know what it looks like!
What are they waiting for? E3 2011?(Better not.)

Anyone have a smart guess as to when the psp2 may be announced?

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mrv3212915d ago

Victor Sullivan reminds me of the desert rats

I'd honestly just like to see Uncharted 1 for PSP2 that would be awesome.

Pedobear Rocks2915d ago

I don't disagree however one of the big knocks (supposedly) about the PSP in its first 3 years was that it was nothing but PS2 ports...

egidem2915d ago

You know given the rumors that have been going around, I hope this one is true! ^ Yep, it would be awesome to have like victor "goddamn" sullivan as the explorer.

MGRogue20172915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Well... I'm already buying it as a more powerful PSP would be just awesome.

So I'm buying it as soon as it's released, for sure. :)

Organization XII2915d ago

Imagine Gran Turismo on the PSP2 with premium cars xD

hobo512915d ago

hopefully doesnt take 5 years, just kiddding, but the psp2 needs a really good launch line up to compete in todays market i think, with the 3ds already showing a great lineup, itll be great if the psp follows suit

theafroman2915d ago

hmm but who is making it and thats what really matters...

Ninver2915d ago

Could be an interesting development if true. Anyway, it's ND so i wouldn't doubt the game being anything but awesome.

saint_john_paul_ii2915d ago

if its true, lets just hope that the PSP2 brings dual analogs, cause Uncharted is made for for Dual analogs. well, at least it looks like its coming with Dual Analogs

Hoje03082915d ago

So, is it dual analogs, Dual analogs, or Dual Analogs?

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