What Gran Turismo 5 and Forza can learn from one another

It has been nearly a month since Gran Turismo 5 brought a marquee-level driving game to the PS3. A lot of the initial reviews voiced frustration at the way the developers, Polyphony Digital, chose to implement certain features. We've all had a bit more time to get used to its various quirks though, so how well do those complaints stand up?

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MariaHelFutura2915d ago

Forza is for people who like playing games, GT5 is for people who like racing cars. Stay the way both of you are.

Shadow Flare2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I think the difference between GT and forza is that GT, like you said Maria, is really meant for racing enthusiasts, and it does not sugar coat anything to make it easier. I'm currently doing the rally events and I'm just finding it insane, it's so difficult for me. But I know it's not the games fault, im just not good enough at it. It's a real driving simulator, that's what I bought, that's what I got. I can't fault it for being too realistic, I'm just not good enough. And GT really does force you to race professionally.

I just got off doing the NASCAR events and again, it was difficult. I came into the NASCAR thinking it was gonna be a piece of piss, you just steer left. But it is intense. If you want gold, you have to drive PERFECT. The license tests again are insane. To get gold you have to be perfect and drive professionally. Now, for some they wouldn't find that fun. But to others, that's where the reward is. And that's why Gran Turismo is a hugely respected, hugely popular franchise for real car enthusiasts. Sometimes I'm frustrated by the difficulty, but I'm always respectful of the realism. Polyphony put immense effort and detail into GT5. That's why they're the kings

SasanovaS19872915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

maria is right. GT5 isnt a video game. the low scores it received was just because of that. its a racing simulator, and it should have been rated that way. it never tried to be a video game. it tried to give u as many cars as possible in the palm of your hand. the real drivers drive without fancy camera angles, colors of cars, etc. its about tuning the car, and taking every corner at perfect angle, at maximum speed possible. IT WAS NEVER ABOUT CRASHING AND TESTING DAMAGE MODEL. all forza did was make a arcade racer in a body of a "simulator" that appealed to modern gamers. it did what it intended to do, but dont compare it to GT5, because it cant hold a candle to it in the simulator department.

thor2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I agree, but this is only for certain events in GT. I am OK with the difficulty being as high as it is. I would like to have a few gold trophies for my troubles but hey, if they want to make a difficult game, they can make a difficult game and I'll be happy not completing everything. In fact I'll relish the challenge. That's why I spent 3 hours trying to get a gold in one of the licence tests - got it finally :)

The trouble is that for most of the game, it's not like that AT ALL!! In the A-spec mode, there is NO difficulty whatsoever. Most of the races aren't even restricted so you can just enter with your beefed up supercar and destroy the competition.

This conflict between the super-difficult special events and licences and the super-easy A-spec mode just doesn't work. The A-spec mode gives you the ability to turn on the assists to ease the difficulty which it just doesn't need. But the licences don't give you this, when they do need them! Other games have consistent difficulty along with an "easy/medium/hard" difficulty setting. GT5 is happy to make it super-easy for you sometimes and hold your hand, and then punish you for driving slightly off the racing line the next second when you didn't really have a chance to practice because you were too busy pwning the opposition in your supercar with all the assists turned on.


You're bringing up the "it's not about crashing" card. Please don't. You're wrong. NO RACING GAME is about crashing. (Well OK burnout did have a crash mode but we'll leave that). In no racing game that I have played do I aim to crash my vehicle. Even in Burnout, I don't aim to crash. But sometimes, I lose concentration, and I crash. It's nice when I don't lose the immersion, and it's nice that I am punished for crashing when I do. Millions of players worldwide have crashed their cars in GT5, and they have gone, "wtf was that".

As for GT5 being about racing, I would revise that to say "driving". An inherent part of racing is the oppenents you'll be facing and GT5 fails to make them convincing, and fails to balance most races to make them fair.

Also if you want to treat GT5 as a pure driving sim, its competition is a lot more fierce, just not on consoles. Many in the hardcore PC simulator community refer to GT as a "pseudo-simulator".

BYE2915d ago

Forza gamer: "This game is bullshit!" *rewind*

GT5 gamer: "This is tough, just like the real thing. But I'm getting better."

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kancerkid2914d ago

If GT5 is for people who are racing enthusiasts, why are there so few features to customize how your car runs?

acedoh2914d ago

Kancerkid you obviously haven't played the game. There are tons of customizing options where you can optimize every major part of the vehicle changing performance dramatically. I am not just talking about upgrades. If you played the game you would know. Instead you are just collecting opinions from others without facts.

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deadreckoning6662915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

@Maria- By that logic, GT5 isn't a videogame.

@Shadow Flare- Well said.

acedoh2915d ago

Nothing about GT5 should be changed and I think the fans agree. Three weeks later and plenty of people still are playing it all the time. If this game was really a failure then that wouldn't be the case. Having B-Spec adds a lot more to the game. I am very happy with this game and I think it is one of the best values in gaming.

acedoh2914d ago

Does it make you feel better calling someone ignorant. I don't understand your logic but if you like calling people names to prove a point then you really don't have an argument. Yes I love GT5 and no I don't think it's perfect but the core of the game should be left alone. There is always room for improvement. But improvement compared to a complete overhaul are very different things.

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acedoh2914d ago

Learn how to read English. I never said I read the article. And you better watch your insults. If you can read what I wrote I was comparing a broad spectrum. One side would be no changes to the complete other spectrum of overhaul. If you cannot understand that then I can't help you. I have played GT5 more than most people and I have been playing the series since the very beginning. I think I have an idea of what makes this game great.

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MGRogue20172915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

... That doesn't.. make any sense, does it?

Both of 'em have racing cars in 'em so.. and both are racing games.. ffs, your comment that don't make no sense man.. shi

Bolts2915d ago

So the people who likes to race cars don't like to play games. Makes perfect sense...not.

Bathyj2915d ago

The funny thing is, I'm not even a car nut. I'm not a racing enthusiast. Icant tune a carby and I dont watch F1.

But I do like driving and I cant ignore top shelf quality.

And everytime a new GT comes out it comsumes me totally.
All other games take a backseat, (no pun intended.)
I spend more hours than I ever do on shooters or action/adventure games.
I drive to work, and I'm looking at racing lines.
I'm hitting the apex and upshifting out of corners.
I look at cars and I identify them and admire their curves.
I bought a steering wheel that cost nearly as much as my console and I have no other games to play with it except Motorstorm.

Theres a reason why Turn 10 keep trying to compare their game to GT and why Polyphony Digital compares themselves to NO ONE.

soundslike2915d ago

"Theres a reason why Turn 10 keep trying to compare their game to GT and why Polyphony Digital compares themselves to NO ONE."

Well said. Its too bad that more companies are now playing the troll card for cheap publicity. Hell PD didn't even need to advertise; Its like a new version of an encyclopedia versus the latest tabloids at the supermarket screaming: "WHY DON"T YOU BUY ME I AM MORE ENTERTAINING THAN REAL NEWS". And while it may be so, those who have an interest and take fun in reality, tend not to get as bored so quickly as those who reach for fantasy.

L0G1C2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Fun in reality, huh? So why doesn't the car get totaled when you crash in GT5? Oh that's right, because it's a GAME, not simply a driving simulator.

Boody-Bandit2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Man I couldn't agree more with you. I literally had to make myself stop playing the game just so I could get Christmas squared away. I haven't played it in 3 days and I am going through withdraw. I am done Christmas shopping and setting up the tree.

Tomorrow it's back to the world of Gran Turismo 5. My new Fanatec GT2 wheel arrives in just 3 more days! Then I will be completely consumed by GT5 once again.

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Dylantalon12915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

the gran turismo series are real driving simulators while forza 3 or the forza series are not. Kaz yamauchi and the gran turismo series are trend setters and dont care what others do in their driving game while the forza series copies what gt has done. forza was made because of the gt series success and even the devs have said it themselves. the forza series is good but its an arcade racer that is meant for all types to play, where as the gt series is meant for the hardcore gearheads.

acedoh2915d ago

I think the problem with so many games is that developers have become afraid to make games difficult. Making them incredibly simple. The Gran Turismo series has stuck to a simple formula. I think this formula is what makes games great because anyone can play but few can master.

MGRogue20172915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 should borrow Forza 3's free camera ability..

You know that feature where you can look all round the exterior of your car while driving via the right analogue stick..?

And look around the interior also..

I find it odd that it wasn't included.. I'd like for it to be added in a future patch.

Dsnyder2915d ago

Forza is a GT wannabe and GT has nothing to learn from it. Come back when you have realistic weather, nascar and good physics and then we can talk.

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